Traveling to Spain and Portugal 17: Sevilla, Spain, on the trip 7th day, October 18

1 DSC02265 2

< 1. La Giralda >

< 1. ヒラルダの塔 >


Today, I introduce Sevilla that prospered in the Age of Discovery.

Here is the 4th city of Spain, and state capital of Andalucia.





 Rio Guadalquivir

< 2. Rio Guadalquivir >

< 2. グアダルキビル川 >


Upper fig.: A central part of Sevilla is visible to the right-hand side at distant place of the river.

Here, many containers and cranes appear and it seems to be a harbor of river mouth.

Although this place is in 80 km upper stream from the Atlantic Ocean, it is still playing an active part as the harbor.

Magellan left this port here in 1519 at the round-the-world trip, and three years afterward, the fleet carried full filled spice, and returned to this port.

After this, mainly Seville enjoyed prosperity of the Age of Discovery until the mid-17th century.

Central fig.: Torre del Oro that fronts on Rio Guadalquivir.

It was built as an observation tower for the river in the early thirteenth century by Islam.


Lower fig.: Puente de IsabelⅡ is seen at the upstream of Rio Guadalquivir.



上図: セビージャの都市中心部が川の右側遠方に見える。






中央図: グアダルキビル川の面して立つ黄金の塔。



下図: グアダルキビル川の上流側に、イサベル2世橋が見える。


Plaza de Esapna

< 3. Plaza de Esapna >

< 3. スペイン広場 >


This was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.

It is this building that I wanted to take a picture of in this trip most.

The grand and brown building of royal palace style looked beautiful with the morning light in the blue sky.






Plaza de Esapna

< 4. Plaza de Esapna >

< 4. スペイン広場 >


I tried to take a picture in plenty, but satisfying photo was few, difficultly.



  Main landmark architecture of the center

< 5. Main landmark architecture of the center >

< 5.  中心部の主要な歴史的建造物 >


Upper fig.: Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza.

It is the 18th century construction, and is the 2nd oldest in Spain.

Central fig.: Palacio de San Telmo.

This was built as a university in the 17th century, and a state government uses it now.

Lower fig.: From Avenida de la Constitucion, Archivo de indias in front and a Catedral behind that were seen.

Archivo de indias was built as a trading post to trade with the colony collectively in the 16th century.


上図: マエストランサ闘牛場。18世紀建設、スペインで2番目に古い。

中央図: サン・テルモ宮殿。17世紀に大学として建設され、現在州政府が使用。

下図: コンスティトゥシオン通りから、手前にインディアス公文書館、その奥にカテドラルが見える。




< 6. Catedral >

< 6. カテドラル >


This Catedral(1402-1506) is the third biggest in the world, and the internal decoration and the collection seem to be excellent.

The sightseeing of admission is not in this tour.





Catedral and the circumference 

< 7. Catedral and the circumference >

< 7. カテドラルと周辺 >


Upper fig.: Catedral is seen over Patio de los Naranjos from Puerta del Perdon.

Right fig.: La Girakda that stands beside the Catedral is 98 m in height.

Islam built the lower part in the 12th century as a minaret of mosque, and Christian added to bell tower over it in the 16th century.


Lower fig.: Puerta del Leon del Real Alcazar is beside the Catedral and in south side of it.

The sightseeing of admission is not in this tour.

This castle wall is thing of the twelfth century by Islam, but the internal royal palace was rebuilt in Mudejar style by many kings of Christian.


上図: 免罪の門から、オレンジの中庭越しにカテドラルを見る。

右図: カテドラルの横に立つ高さ98mのヒラルダの塔。



下図: カテドラルの南横にあるアルカサル(王城)のライオンの門。入場観光なし。



 Barrio de Santa Cruz

< 8. Barrio de Santa Cruz >

< 8. サンタ・クルス街 >


This is a Jew town that spread on the east side of the cathedral once, and the aristocrat lived here after the 17th century.

An iron grate of the former ghetto entrance was left.

Although the narrow alley continues with snaking, the white wall, the yellow border, and some courtyards are beautiful.

We bought the granddaughter’s flamenco clothes in the souvenir shop here.







Flamenco show

< 9. Flamenco show  >

< 9. フラメンコショー >


We went to see the flamenco show of tour option on the previous day.

Upper fig.: So it was on Friday, the city was filled in many people till the middle of the night.

Other fig.: The show in a tablao (live house of flamenco).


I saw directly flamenco show for the first time.

At first, the intense step by male dancers only was noisy.

Male dancers proudly showed the intense step to us, and they struck a pose more proudly between intervals of the step.

Then, they started to look like handsome men gradually.

I am charmed in the tone of the flamenco guitar.


A Gypsy that was drifted from the east would exercise the ability of the music and dancing in east culture that had been intermingled in Spain.

I felt it in the dance of the form that man and woman competed for.

It is such as that a Gypsy exercised the ability of the music and dancing (Gypsy violins) in Hungary of Ottoman Empire



上図: 金曜日で、夜遅くまで街には多くの人で溢れていた。

他の図: タブラオ(フラメンコのライブハウス)でのショー。












The Age of Discovery and Seville

The Age of Discovery began in Portugal in the early part of the 15th century before half-century than Spain.

However, from the end of 15th century when Spain accomplished the Reconquista and the national unification, Spain put a lot of energy into exploring voyage for colony acquisition.

Italian and Jew who played an active part in Andalucia backed up this, and it was the financial power.


Seville had been developed as a capital of some kingdoms, the producing district of agricultural products, and an out port for many years.

And Spain happened to ride well at the Age of Discovery.


I intend to introduce the Age of Discovery in the article of Lisbon.


From the next time, I introduce 4 cities of Portugal, 5 cities of Spain, and others information.












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