Traveling to Spain and Portugal 24: Coimbra having a university, Portugal, on the 9th trip, October 20

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 24: 大学の町コインブラ、ポルトガル、9日目、10月20日


 Latin corridor and clock tower, former school building of the University of Coimbra

< 1.  Latin corridor and clock tower, former school building of the University of Coimbra  >

< 1. ラテン回廊と時計塔、コインブラ大学旧校舎 >


I introduce the old city of Coimbra being town of the university today.

It is in the middle inland of Lisbon and Porto here.




 a whole view of the Coimbra old city

< 2. a whole view of the Coimbra old city >

< 2. コインブラ旧市街の全景 >

Upper photo: The old city on the hill that I saw from the opposite bank. A clock tower is seen on the top.

Central photo: I go cross Ponte de Santa Clara(bridge) and look at the hill from Largo da Portagem(square).

Lower photo: Largo da Portagem(square). This main street is the left side of the back.


上図: 対岸から見えた丘の上の旧市街。時計塔がてっぺんに見える。

中央図: サンタ・クララ橋を渡って、ポルタジェン広場から丘を望む。

下図: ポルタジェン広場。大通りが奥の左側へと続く。



It is the third city following Lisbon and Porto.

Strangely, together with 3 cities, the old city spreads out in the hill of the north side of the river flowing through the east and west.

In the middle of the 12th century, from the founding of a nation of Portugal, it was capital city here, and there is the oldest university here.




不思議なことに3都市とも, 東西に流れる川の北側の丘に旧市街が広がる。



a campus of the university

< 3. a campus of the university >

< 3. 大学構内 >

At first we go to the university on the hill by bus, do the sightseeing on foot from there, and go down to Largo da Portagem.


Upper photo: There is main gate of the Manueline style in the center.

If we enter it, there is the former school building.

Central left photo: A new school building.

Central right photo: Two part-time students who sell the tourist brochure of the university in the former school building.

The black cloth is the school uniform, and the hem of the mantle is ripped apart in large numbers at the time of their graduation.

As there were foreign students from Brazil, I thought of the strong relation between both countries from the colony times.


Lower photo: I overlooked Rio Mondego(river) from the open space of the former school building.



上図: 中央にマニエル様式の「鉄の門」があり、そこを入ると旧校舎です。

中央左図: 新校舎。

中央右図: 旧校舎内で、大学の観光パンフレットを販売しているアルバイト学生。




下図: 旧校舎の広場からモンデーゴ川を見下ろす。


a panorama view of the former school building

< 4. a panorama view of the former school building >

< 4.旧校舎全景、パノラマ >

There is a library in the left, next a chapel and a clock tower, and a hall in the back

A gate of the right side in the back is the main gate that we have entered through.

Before, it was a palace.

We did the sightseeing of admission in the library and the chapel.







the library

< 5. the library >

< 5.図書館 >

It is a baroque architecture in the 18th century.

Upper photo: The library entrance

Central photo: The side of the library.

Lower photo: The inside. Because its photography was prohibited, I was borrowed from



上図: 図書館入口。

中央図: 図書館の側面。

下図: 内部。撮影禁止なのでから借用


the new cathedral

< 6. the new cathedral >

< 6. 新カテドラル >

It is within sight of the university on the hill.

At the end of the 16th century, the Society of Jesus began to build it, and it was completed 100 years later.




old cathedral 

< 7. old cathedral >

< 7. 旧カテドラル >

We went out of the university premises, went down a little, and we arrived it.

In the twelfth century of the founding of a nation, this church was built and also doubled as a fortress.

The whole appearance and the front gate is a Romanesque style, and the northern gate was rebuilt in a Renaissance style.

Upper photo: A whole view. The right side is the front gate.

Lower right photo: the northern gate.

Lower left photo: The other side of the front gate.





上図: 全景、右が正面入口。

右下図: 北側の入口。

左下図: 正面の反対側。



< 8. streets >

< 8. 街並み >

It is streets that were in the middle of our going down from the hill.




< 9. R. Ferreire Borges(streets) >

< 9.フェレイラ・ボルゲス通り >

Upper photo: R. Ferreire Borges(streets).

Lower left photo: The earthenware in a store window. There are ceramic chickens, Portuguese representative souvenir.

Lower right photo: this gate was one of the gates of a castle wall once.


On the next time, I introduce Porto famed for wine.


上図: 通り。

左下図: ショーウインドーの陶器。ポルトガルの代表的な土産、鶏の置物が見える。

右下図: バルバカ門。かつての城壁の入口の一つ。







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