Traveling to Spain and Portugal 25: Porto of wine town, on the 9th trip, October 20

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 25: ワインの町ポルト、9日目、10月20日



< 1. a view of old city in the opposite bank from a winery >

< 1. ワイナリーから対岸の旧市街を望む >


Today, I introduce the old city of Porto famous for wine.



Ponte D. Luis 

< 2. Ponte D. Luis >

< 2. ドン・ルイス1世橋 >

Our bus ran while we were glancing sideways at many bridges that span Rio Douro.

Finally, the bus approached the bridge that was indispensable to scenery of Porto.

It was none of cloud in the sky, the form was gradually appearing, and my heart beat faster.


About Porto

Porto is a commerce city, an industry city, and is the second city of Portugal.

This place was a port town (Porutus) before Christ, and the name of Portugal originates in it.

In the 11th century, a French aristocrat who played an active part in Reconquista was given the whole of Rio Douro watershed

At this time, seedling of grape was brought.

In the 12th century, they gained this side of Lisbon neighborhood, went independent from Islam power and the neighboring country, and Portuguese kingdom was born.

At this time, Coimbra became capital city, and Porto had become main harbor city.

The southern coast of Rio Douro that is lined with many wineries prospered in the Roman era.
















 a view of the old city from the opposite bank of Rio Douro

< 3. a view of the old city from the opposite bank of Rio Douro >

< 3. ドウロ川越えに旧市街を望む、180度パノラマ >

It is a view from a winery side.

The right side is in the upper reaches, the east side, and we can see Ponte D. Luis. 

When we go a distance of about 4 km to the left side, I reach the Atlantic.






a view of the old city from the opposite bank of Rio Douro 

< 4. a view of the old city from the opposite bank of Rio Douro >

< 4.ドウロ川越えに旧市街を望む >

Se (cathedral) is a gray building in the left side of the big white building on the hill.




Rio Douro and a winery 

< 5. Rio Douro and a winery >

< 5. ドウロ川とワイナリー >

The ship that carries wine barrels is moored.

The opposite bank is Cais da Ribeira that was lined with restaurants and shops.

It was the port for the open sea route once.

We visit here with long walking at night.


This place is a winery of Sandeman.

I sampled two kinds of wine, and after all it were delicious.











the old city 

< 6. the old city >

< 6. 旧市街 >

Upper photo: The monument to Henry the Navigator is in Parca Infante Dom Henrique.

Central photo: The right side of the photo is Igreja de Sao Francisco (church) that was built in the 14th century.

Lower photo: There is Igreja dos Congregados(church) in the center, and Estacao de San Bento(train station) in the right side.

Azulejos that decorates the wall inside the station, and the front of the church is beautiful.

We visit here with long walking at night.


上図: エンリケ航海王子広場。青銅像はエンリケ。

中央図: 写真の右側に14世紀に建てられたサン・フランシスコ教会。

下図: 中央にコンクレガドス教会、右にサン・ベント駅。




< 7. Se(cathedral) and a view from it >

< 7. Se(cathedral) and a view from it >

< 7. カテドラルと眺望 >


This cathedral was built in the Romanesque style in the 12-13th century, and after that, extension and alteration were accomplished by the Gothic style.

It is the oldest building in this city.

Upper two photos: The appearance of the cathedral.

Lower two photos: Views from the open space of the cathedral.

The upper photo is a view of the north side, and the spire in the left side is Igreja e Torre dos Clerigos (church).

The lower photo is a view of Rio Douro.




上図二つ: カテドラルの外観。

下図二つ: カテドラルの広場からの眺望。




Inside of the cathedral 

< 8. Inside of the cathedral >

< 8. カテドラルの内部 >


Inside of the cathedral 

< 9. Inside of the cathedral >

< 9. カテドラルの内部 >

The rose window on the gate of the front is beautiful.

All things are beautifully, and as I am staying in the chapel that reflects dim light, my heart becomes pure.


On the next time, I introduce the walking of Porto at night.









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  1. Wonderful traveling.The picture are beautiful.Jalal

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