Traveling to Spain and Portugal 27: Santiago de Compostela of pilgrimage 1, October 21

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 27: 巡礼の町サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラ前編、10月21日


 Catedral currently under restoration, a view from Praza do Obradoiro


< 1. Catedral currently under restoration, a view from Praza do Obradoiro >

< 1. 工事中のカテドラル、オブラドイロ広場から >


Today, I introduce Santiago de Compostela famous for pilgrimage.

This town has the atmosphere of religious city of the Middle Ages overall.

In this tour of Iberia sightseeing, there are many oldest Christian building and sculptures here.

I felt the excitement of pilgrims who were delighting with sweat and tears.







 a map of Santiago de Compostela

< 2. a map of Santiago de Compostela >

< 2. サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラの地図 >

The upper part of the map is the north.

The number in the map shows the photo number and the photography position, and is in order of the photography.

Photo number 1-4 is outside this map range.

This time, I introduce Photo number 1-22.







Monte do Gozo and Christian pilgrimage route, at about 11:30

< 3. Monte do Gozo and Christian pilgrimage route, at about 11:30 >

< 3. 歓喜の丘と巡礼の道、11:30頃撮影 >

1: the statues on Monte do Gozo.

2: Monte do Gozo.

Three towers are seen at the left distant place slightly.

This is the destination of the pilgrimage; the cathedral is distant 5 km from here.


3,4: pilgrims.


1: 歓喜の丘の像。

2: 歓喜の丘。



3,4: 巡礼者。


Finally, we go to the cathedral

At about 12:00, we began walking toward the old city, and we had lunch on the way.

At about 14:45, we came back to the original position and finished this sightseeing.





 go toward Praza do Obradoiro 

< 4. go toward Praza do Obradoiro >

< 4. オブラドイロ広場に向かう >

5: Convento de San Francisco.

There are about 20 of churches and monasteries in 1 square kilometers of the old city.


6: Front entrance of above convento at about 18th century is seen in center.

7:   Progressing through this street, we came out Praza do Obradoiro. 


5: サン・フランシスコ修道院。



6: 上記修道院の18世紀頃の正面入口。

7: この通りを進むとすぐオブラドイロ広場に出る。


Praza do Obradoiro

< 5. Praza do Obradoiro  >

< 5. オブラドイロ広場 >

9: the left side was Palacio de Rajoy once, and is now a city office.

The right side was the accommodations and hospital for the pilgrim that was built in the 15th century, and is now a parador (government-run hotel) of the highest grade.


10: upper part of the front entrance of above palace.

The figure that St. Jacob with raising a sword and riding on a horse is fighting against Islam is expressed in it.

St. Jacob is regarded as being a patron saint fighting off Islam.


11: The right was a school that had been founded for poor students in the 15th century.

The front is a part of the cathedral.


9: 左は18世紀のラホイ宮殿で、現在は市役所。



10: 上記ラホイ宮殿正面入口の上部。




11: 右は15世紀に建てられた貧しい学生の為の学校だった。



Santiago de Compostela

This is one of the Christianity three sacred places.

Santiago is espanol of St. Jacob.


After Jacob of the Twelve Apostles did missionary work in Spain, returned to Jerusalem.

And he was beheaded by Judaic king (the 1st century).

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar of Zaragoza has a legend concerning Jacob.


In the early ninth century, a grave of St. Jacob was found at this place, and a church was built immediately, but it was destroyed by Islam afterwards.

The present building was built in the 11-13th century, and is the Spain Romanesque.

After that, it was reconstructed by the Renaissance and the baroque style.


This place is located in Iberian Peninsula northwestern end, and the sea approaches it from both side.

The northern part of Spain including here was liberated first by Christian in the eighth century, and played a key role in Reconquista.
















The pilgrimage to here began in the tenth century, but the golden age was the twelfth century.

In Europe, the liturgy of Christianity had progressed in those days, and the worship of sacred relic and the pilgrimage also increased.


The main pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela begins from France, and it is a distance of 800km only in Spain.







Plaza de Fonseca and Colexio de Fonseca

< 6. Plaza de Fonseca and Colexio de Fonseca >

< 6. フォンセカ広場とフォンセカ学校 >

12:   The green of Plaza de Fonseca is seen to the left of the street.

13: Plaza de Fonseca. The entrance of Colexio de Fonseca is seen to the right.

14: I took a picture from the second floor of a restaurant facing Plaza de Fonseca.

We had lunch here.


15: Colexio de Fonseca of the 16th century.

A part of a private residence was used as a school, and it became the origin of the university in this town.


12: 通りの左にフォンセカ広場の緑が見える。

13: フォンセカ広場。右にフォンセカ学校の入口が見える。

14: フォンセカ広場に面したレストランの2階から撮影。



15: 16世紀のフォンセカ学校。



catherdral seen from Parque de Almeda 

< 7. catherdral seen from Parque de Almeda >

< 7. アラメダ公園から見たカテドラル >

The spire of the front of the cathedral is central part, and a clock tower is the right.



a street to the back of the cathedral 

< 8. a street to the back of the cathedral >

< 8. カテドラルの裏側に通じる通り >

17: a town street from Parque de Almeda. 

18: a street to the back of the cathedral.

19: a big thurible in a store window.

Thing used actually in the cathedral is about the same as height of a boy.


21: In this office, people get pilgrimage certificate “Compostela”.


22: the symbol of a restaurant.


On the next time, I introduce the latter part.


17: アラメダ公園側からの街並み。

18: カテドラルの裏側に至る通り。

19: ショーウインドウで見た大きな香炉。



21: この事務所で、巡礼証明書「コンポステーラ」がもらえる。



22: レストランのマーク。





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