Traveling to Spain and Portugal 28: Santiago de Compostela of pilgrimabge 2, October 21

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 28: 巡礼の町サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラ後編、10月21日


On Praza do Obradoiro, pilgrims was being pleased with each other in front of the cathedral

< 1. On Praza do Obradoiro, pilgrims was being pleased with each other in front of the cathedral >

< 1. カテドラルの前で喜び合う巡礼者、オブラドイロ広場 >


Today, I introduce the latter half articles of Santiago de Compostela.

It is the cathedral and delighted pilgrims.





 A map of Santiago de Compostela

< 2. A map of Santiago de Compostela >

< 2.サンティアゴ・デ・コンポステラの地図 >

The upper part of the map is the north.

The number in the map shows the photo number and the photography position, and is in order of the photography.

This time, I introduce the appearance of the cathedral with photograph number 23-28.




 The southeast side of the cathedral 

< 3. The southeast side of the cathedral >

< 3. カテドラルの東南側 >

23:   Plaza de Praterias and a clock tower.

We can see the fountain of horses and the south gate of the cathedral on the back of it.


24:   A gate is seen in the left.

We climbed the stairs, went into Praza da Quintana of the eastside of the cathedral.


25: “ Holy door” facing with Praza da Quintana.

St. Jacob statue of the 17th century is in the upper central part of the door.

The statues of Romanesque of about the twelfth century are reused on both sides of the gate.


23: プラテリアス広場と時計塔。



24: 左に門が見える。



25: キンタナ広場に面した「聖なる門」。




Praza da inmaculada

< 4. Praza da inmaculada >

< 4.インマクラーダ広場 >

26: the monasterio seen from Praza da inmaculada. 

I was surprised that there are a lot of huge monasteries.

The monastery would be very rich.


27: The north gate of the cathedral facing the plaza.

It was built in a neo-classical style in the 18th century.


28: We go through an arch, and go into Praza do Obradoiro,


26: インマクラーダ広場から見た修道院。




27: 広場に面したカテドラルの北側の門。



28: アーチを抜けてオブラドイロ広場に出る。



Finally, we go into the cathedral

The photography in the hall is possible, but the flash is prohibited.

When we entered, outside light almost didn’t come in, and there was also little illumination.

All pictures were corrected very brightly.







A floor plan of the cathedral

< 5. A floor plan of the cathedral >

< 5. カテドラルの平面図 >

 The blue part is Romanesque style and is the oldest part.

The upper of the map is the east.

The 23-25,27 numbers in the map show the above-mentioned photo number.




  Portico de la Gloria 

< 6. Portico de la Gloria >

< 6. 栄光の門 >

A:   Portico de la Gloria.

If we climbed the central stairs in the top photo, it is inside of the gate.

We can see St. Jacob statue of the 12th century Romanesque style in the central pillar.


B:   Colonnade.

A: 栄光の門。巻頭写真で、中央の階段を登った門の内側にある。



B: 柱廊。


Why is it very dark?

Three towers to rise highly in the front of the cathedral were built an extension in the baroque style, and the appearances and most of the towers or gates are structures in the 17-18th century.

However, the body structure is structures of the 11-12th century.

Therefore, the day lighting was not with being not able to make big windows because of the strength poverty.


I am surprised that such high building was built in those days.

This cathedral is representative of the church building (Romanesque) of the early stage when it became popular in Europe (the 11th century).












The structure 

< 7. The structure >

< 7. 構造 >

This building has typical cross structure, and consists of the nave extended to the east and west, and the transept extended to the north and south.

C: A side aisle of photo D. There is a small chapel at the far end.

D: The north gate (photo 27) and the transept.

E: A side aisle of the nave. There is chancel (central alter) in the back.

F: The north gate (photo 23) and the transept.



C: 写真Dの側廊。突き当たりに小さな礼拝堂がある。

D: 北側の門(写真27)と袖廊。

E: 身廊の側廊。奥に中央祭壇がある。

F: 南側の門(写真23)と袖廊。


   Chancel (central alter) 

< 8. Chancel (central alter) >

< 8. 中央祭壇 >

G: A glowing thing in the center is St. Jacob statue.

We climbed small stairs a little from the side of the central altar, and could hold the shoulder of St. Jacob statue from its back.

I suppose that all pilgrims had done this acting with emotion at the end from 1000 years ago.


H: The side of the central altar.

I-J:   The view of the central altar from right and left.

We can see a big thurible hanging down in photo I.

I expected it a little, but we were not able to see a scene of swinging a big thurible.


G: 中央、金色に光っているのが聖ヤコブ像です。




H: 中央祭壇の横。

I―J: 中央祭壇を左右から臨む。写真Iに吊り下がっている香炉が見える。




< 9. Chapel >

< 9. 礼拝堂など >

K: The upper part of an intersection of the cross structure is a dome for skylights.

We can see a pulley hanging the thurible, and an eye is drawn at the back.


L: A stained glass of the side aisle of the central altar.

M:   A Chapel.

N: A chapel of the Holy Mother.

There are about 20 such chapels in this cathedral.


K: 十字架の交差部、頭上の明かり取り用のドーム。



L: 中央祭壇横の側廊のステンドグラス。

M: 礼拝堂。

N: 聖母の礼拝堂。



 The young people finished the pilgrimage

< 10. The young people finished the pilgrimage >

< 10.巡礼を終えた若者 >

The plaza was boiling with the delight that they accomplished the pilgrimage.

They cried, hugged each other and blessed each other.

They in two photos came from three continents, and their nationality was different all, and seems to be different of the age, too.

While experiencing hardships together, they seemed to have opened out.


At the end

It was my crop that I watched the old church architecture directly, and felt the atmosphere of a religious city from the Middle Ages.

Furthermore, I had contacted with the pilgrims, and shared their sensation.

It was very wonderful.















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