Traveling to Spain and Portugal 30: Salamanca being a city of university, Spain, October 22


スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 30: 大学の町サラマンカ、スペイン、10月22


         A view of a church from Casa de las Conchas

< 1.  A view of a church from Casa de las Conchas >

< 1. 貝の家の中庭から教会の塔が見える >


Today, I introduce Salamanca famous for a university.




We are arriving to Salamanca 

< 2. We are arriving to Salamanca >

< 2. サラマンカに到着 >

Upper photo: When we traverse the distant mountain range, we will reach Madrid.

Central photo: We can see a tower of cathedral in Salamanca on the left.

This river faces the old city of Salamanca, traverses Porto, and then flows to the Atlantic Ocean.


Lower photo: We go in Salamanca. 


We left from our hotel of Porto at 7:45, and arrived a restaurant of Salamanca at 12:45.

We ate paella as lunch.

The recipe of the paella was different from Japan, but it was delicious.



上の写真: 遠方の山並みを越えるとマドリッドに至る。

中央の写真: 左端にサラマンカのカテドラルの塔が見える。



下の写真: いよいよサラマンカの市街に入っていく。






Map: A red line shows our sightseeing route of the old city

< 3. Map: A red line shows our sightseeing route of the old city >

< 3. 地図:旧市街の観光ルート(赤線) >

The upper part of the map is the north.

The number of the map shows the photo number and the photography spot, and is in order of the photography.

We started at a yellow circle at 14:00, and did sightseeing by foot about one hour, and came back to the original position.  






About Salamanca

This city was built by ancient Roman and prospered as a trading hub of “Silver Route” (it linked Seville and Camino de Santiago to the north and south).

In the early thirteenth century, the oldest university in Spain was founded here, and this city has developed as the 3rd oldest university town in Europe.

In the Age of Discovery, astronomy was studied for the navigation at here, and Columbus learned, too.

On the other hand, it became the ideological fortress of Counter-Reformation.


We can see buildings of various style, Islamic, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque in this city.

In addition, because the many buildings that used a lot of reddish stones shone with sunset, it was called a golden city once.












Plaza Mayor 

< 4. Plaza Mayor >

< 4. マヨール広場 >

1,2:   Plaza Mayor of Spanish baroque style in the 18th century.

This style that was born in Salamanca was also used for the central altar in the cathedral of Santiago.


1,2: スペイン・バロック様式のマヨール広場(18世紀)。




A church and Casa de las Conchas

< 5. A church and Casa de las Conchas >

< 5. 貝の家と教会 >

5: A street between the church and Casa de las Conchas. 

6: Casa de las Conchas of Gothic style in the late 15th century.

It was a personal residence of monk group (for fighting against pagan) for protecting Santiago pilgrimage.


9: A church facing Casa de las Conchas.


5: 貝の家と教会の間の通り。

6: ゴシック様式の貝の家(15世紀後半)。



9: 貝の家と向き合っている教会。



Patio of Casa de las Conchas 

< 6. Patio of Casa de las Conchas 

< 6. 貝の家の中庭 >

A well is seen in the center.



Universidad de Salmnca

< 7. Universidad de Salmnca >

< 7. サラマンカ大学 >

10:   The western facade of the university came into view.

11: A full view of the western facade.

This is Spanish Early Renaissance style of the 16th century, and Hostal dos Reis Católicos (the royal hospital) of Santiago is same style.

A relief engraving of Reyes Católicos(Catholic Monarchs) is seen under the center.

12: There is a frog on one skull (the left side) of the western facade.

This means lust being a Christian bad crime, and there has been a saying that ” Person that have found it, doesn’t fail the examination.”


13: Enlarged view of the western facade center.


10: 大学の西側ファサードが見えて来た。

11: 西側ファサードの全景。




12: 西側ファサードの一つのドクロ(左側)の上にカエルが乗っている。



13: 西側ファサード中央の拡大。




< 8. Cathedral >

< 8. カテドラル >

14: The tower of Cathedral. It is romanesque style in the 12-13th century.

15: ” Door of the pardon ” of Cathedral. It is baroque style in the 15-18th century.

16: Enlarged view of ” Door of the pardon “. It shows one scene of Jesus Christ’s birth.


14: 新カテドラルの塔。12~13世紀のロマネスク様式。

15: 新カテドラルの「許しの扉」。15~18世紀のバロック様式。

16: 「許しの扉」の拡大。イエス生誕の場面。


The north side of Cathedral 

< 9. The north side of Cathedral >

< 9. カテドラルの北側 >


On the next time, I introduce Avilla of a fortress city.






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