Traveling to Spain and Portugal 32: Segovia is known for aqueduct, Spain, October 23

スペインとポルトガルを巡る旅 32: 水道橋で知られたセゴビア、スペイン、10月23日


Aqueduct. Photographing at 8:00

< 1. Aqueduct. Photographing at 8:00 >

< 1. 水道橋、8:00撮影 >


Today, I introduce the last sightseeing area, Segovia famous for aqueduct and the castle of Snow White.



We had arrived to Segovia on the previous day 

< 2. We had arrived to Segovia on the previous day >

< 2. 前日、セゴビアに到着 >

Upper photo: We go in Segovia after 10 minutes. Photographing at 17:55.

Lower photo: A view of the old city from our hotel. Photographing at 18:35.

上の写真: 後10分ほどでセゴビアに入る。17:55撮影。

下の写真: ホテルから旧市街を臨む。18:35撮影。



Map: A red line shows our sightseeing route.

< 3. Map: A red line shows our sightseeing route. >

< 3. 地図:赤線が観光ルート >


The upper part of the map is the north.

The number of the map shows the photo number and the photography spot, and is in order of the photography.

We started from a yellow circle at 7:55, went uphill and traversed the old city by foot, went downhill, and then arrived at blue circle, and we finished the sightseeing at 9:40.  

At this time, there was not sightseeing of admission, too.







About Segovia

From time immemorial, this hill was being ruled by Celt, Roman, the Goths and Muslim.

After Christian had forced Muslim out of this area, and this hill became a castle city of Castile in the 13th century.

This area was a route of transhumance, and the woolen industry developed, therefore this area soon entered the golden age.

By a law for the protection of sheepherder of this time, Spanish people were not able to own cultivated land for centuries.

In the 16th century, Segovia was destroyed thoroughly by the revolt that Segovia participated for obtaining the autonomy of the city together with 15 cities.

However, they accomplished the rebuilding.


This fortress city at 1000 m above sea level is on high hill whose surrounding was hollowed by two rivers, and is 90 m high from the rivers to the top.

Therefore, the aqueduct was necessary to supply it with water from the upper reaches.














aqueduct and plaza

< 4. aqueduct and plaza >

< 4. 水道橋と広場 >

1: plaza having an aqueduct.

2: The highest place of the aqueduct is 29m high in this plaza.

3: The aqueduct connects with the top of the castle wall surrounding the old city.

4: Once, the aqueduct had supplied water from distant mountain of 15 km behind.


The aqueduct was made by Roman in about the 1st century B.C., and was destroyed by Muslim in the 11th century.

We are seeing the thing reconstructed in the 15th century.


1: 水道橋のある広場。

2: 水道橋の一番高い所はこの広場で29mある。

3: 水道橋は旧市街を囲む城壁に繋がっている。

4: かつて水道橋は遠方の山手、15km先から水を供給していた。






A street proceeding to Cathedral 

< 5. A street proceeding to Cathedral >

< 5. カテドラルに向かう通り >

6: We leave the plaza and went up about 20 meters high to Plaza Mayor.

7: As I look down at the south side, I can see an Iglesia (church) of Romanesque style in the twelfth century.

8,9:   The design of the outer wall is beautiful. Influence of Islam is seen.


6: 広場を後にして、マヨール広場まで20m程上っていく。

7: 南側を見下ろすと、12世紀のロマネスク様式の教会が見える。

8、9: 外壁の模様が美しい。イスラムの影響が見られる。



Iglesia de San Martin and street 

< 6. Iglesia de San Martin and street >

< 6. サン・マルティン教会と通り >

10:   Iglesia de San Martin of Romanesque style.

12:   The bell tower of cathedral came in view.


10: ロマネスク様式のサン・マルティン教会。

12: カテドラルの鐘楼が見えてきた。




< 7. Cathedral >

< 7. カテドラル >

This is Spanish last build of Gothic style, began to be built in the 16th century and completed 240 years later.

It is called “A lady of cathedral” from the elegant form.






Plaza Mayor and a street market 

< 8. Plaza Mayor and a street market >

< 8. マヨール広場と露天市 >


The market was opening in Plaza Mayor in front of the cathedral.

It had aimed to not tourist but citizens.

I looked for books in a secondhand bookstore, but there unfortunately was not the thing that I wanted.








< 9. Alcazar >

< 9. アルカサル >

The castle became the model of “the castle of Snow White” of Disney.

It was made in the eleventh century on fortress remains of the Roman era, and became the form like the present in the 15th century, but it was restored after a big fire.

This castle was built on the cliff of 60 m in height that was sandwiched by two rivers.







Iglesia and Alcazar

< 10. Iglesia and Alcazar >

< 10. 教会とアルカサル >

18: A church of Romanesque style in the twelfth century.

21: Iglesia de la Vera Cruz of an unusual dodecagon.

When I looked down, the small church was seen in the wasteland of the north side.

The Knights Templars (defend Jerusalem) built it in the 13th century, and the crucifixion cross of Christ is preserved.


22: we went down steep stairs along the cliff from the Alcazar, and we photographed from an open space.

18: 12世紀のロマネスク様式の教会。

21: 珍しい12角形のラ・ベラ・クルス教会。




22: アルカサルから崖に沿って急な階段を降りた広場から撮影した。



I say good-bye to Segovia and Iberian, “Sayounara!   Adios! Adeus!”

< 11. I say good-bye to Segovia and Iberian, “Sayounara!   Adios! Adeus!” >

< 11. セゴビアとイベリアに別れを告げて、さようなら! アディオス! >


I finish the last sightseeing and, in the afternoon of this day, return home from an airport of Madrid.

I am blessed with beautiful weather in spite of rainy season and am parting with the sun and the town of the Middle Ages now.


From the next time, I write down Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi(Sagrada Familia), the Prado Museum of Art (Madrid), and shopping information.







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