New fables of Aesop 10: Penguin and white bear

平成イソップ物語 10: ペンギンと白熊



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It was far an ancient time.

There was a sea closed by ice on the end of firm ground.







Two males of penguin and white bear complained to God.

“ My wife says only a complaint, and often becomes a bad mood.”

“ She says that my caught bait is bad and you are stinking.”

“ I was always diligent, and yet I get angry.”


After a brief interval, Got questioned a little.

“ Have you not broken a promise with your wife? ”


Penguin: “ I would like to fulfill the promise as much as possible, but I only forget a little.”


White bear: “ I don’t have a mind to fulfill the promise with my selfish wife.”














God: “ Do you know wife’s birthday? “

Penguin and white bear: “Yes, I know.”


God: “ Do you want to keep fair with your wife? “

Penguin and white bear: “ Yes.”


God: “ you only do the following for 1 year as I say.”

“ Keep your promise and if you broke your promise, apologize to your wife.“

“ Present stones or fishes to your wife on her birthday.”


Penguin and white bear: “ What simple it is!”



ペンギンと白熊: 「はい知っています。」


神様: 「あなた方は妻と仲良くなりたいですか?」

ペンギンと白熊: 「はい」


神様: 「1年間、私の言う通りにすればよいでしょう。」

「 約束を守り、約束を破ったら妻に謝りなさい。」



ペンギンと白熊: 「なんだそんな簡単なことですか。」


One year later on a certain day, two males met God.


Penguin: “ Thank you very much. By your favor, we carry out our child-rearing along with keeping fair with wife and are living happily.”


White bear: “ I did not fulfill some promises, but by such an insignificant cause, my wife left together with our children.”

“ My wife didn’t have a mind to fair with me from the beginning.”


God murmured a soliloquy.

“ Penguin will increase descendants more and more from now on.”

“ White bear cannot but still live upon drift ice alone.”




ペンギン:「 ありがとうございました。おかげで夫婦仲良く子育てをして幸せに暮らしています。」

白熊:「 私が約束を守らないぐらいで、妻は子供を連れて出ていってしまいました。」




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8 thoughts on “New fables of Aesop 10: Penguin and white bear

  1. こんばんは(*^_^*)

    • この寓話は、実は、隣国などへのヘイトスピーチを皮肉ったものだったのですが、夫婦の問題を強調する結果になってしまったようです。

  2. おひさしぶりです

    • ありがとうございます。色々、社会現象を揶揄するおもしろい作品を考えています。

  3. Creative way off playing off Aesop. Perhaps do Confucius too. Thanks visit my blog.

  4. This is wonderful! Beautiful! Love the fable, the translation, the photos are beyond divine. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

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