People who passed through the hardest wall 2: Mandela and apartheid

穿つ者 2: マンデラとアパルトヘイト

Mandela who made a speech in 1993

< 1.  Mandela who made a speech in 1993 >

< 1. 1993年、演説するマンデラ >


From now on, I introduce a miracle that happened in South Africa in installments.

This is a tale of one leader who accomplished democratic system peacefully by following through on nonviolence in a state of overwhelming racial discrimination.

This time, I explain apartheid and talk about Mandela from the next time.






 シャープビル事件  ,Sharpeville massacre in 1960 

< 2.  Sharpeville massacre in 1960 >

< 2. 1960年、シャープビル虐殺事件 >



This means the whole system and the policy of extreme racial separation and discrimination in South Africa.

Whites less than 10% curtailed the human rights of the remaining black people, colored races (mixed blood) and Asian (emigrant), and then performed the confiscation of economy and the isolation.

Black people consisting of many tribes were pursued their land by whites that settled in several hundred years ago, were imposed on every tax such as capitation, and were employed as slave of the farm or the family.

They were restricted from freedom such as marriage, residence and movement, and were not given any reward.

They perfunctorily were given a part of the autonomy of existing village or right to vote, but they couldn’t use the right after all.

When they took action of a complaint for whites, they were suppressed violently with law of white’s government, and became imprisonment.

This was during last half a century, before that, their houses were burnt and they were killed by white’s armed group and armed forces.












Mandela was a human rights activist and a lawyer in 1959

< 3. Mandela was a human rights activist and a lawyer in 1959 >

< 3. 1959年、弁護士、人権活動家のマンデラ >


デモ Student demonstration appealed for democratization in 1976

< 4. Student demonstration appealed for democratization in 1976 >

< 4. 1976年、民主化を訴える学生デモ >


Origin of apartheid

In ancient times, this place was a land where indigenous people carried on hunting-gathering or cattle breeding.

From the middle of the 17th century, Dutchman gradually began to settle in here, and to plunder.

These whites were called Afrikaner.

At the end of the 18th century, in turn, the United Kingdom in place of the Netherlands being weak began to rule this place.

The U.K. abolished the slavery in the early days, but changed big before long.

At the middle of the 19th century, the excavation of diamond and gold began here, and the U.K. took control of it.

The Afrikaner started the recapture of the economic special privilege, further colony acquisition, and began to war with the U.K. at last, and defeated.

A handful of Britons backed with the power of own country took control of the politics, the economy, and the industry, and a number of Afrikaners bore the farm management and the factory labor.

Before long, the both cooperated with plundering black people.

Current South Africa was born in 1910, and broke away from the British federation.

In 1948, this discrimination system was established as apartheid.














収監時代のマンデラ , Mandela in jail 

< 5. Mandela in jail >

< 5. 収監中のマンデラ >


Beginning of apartheid end

Black people rose up together to ask for democratization, and in 1962, its leader Mandela was imprisoned.

From this time, the world and the United Nations criticized apartheid and the confinement of Mandela, and began to perform every blockade (economy, diplomacy, and arms).

Black people came to repeat the demonstration.


In addition, South Africa was warring with the neighboring countries, had fallen into a difficult situation in the inside and outside.

South Africa decided to release Mandela, and abolish the related bills of apartheid at last in 1990.


From the next time, I chase the achievement of Mandela.












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