People who passed through the hardest wall 4: Mandela 2


穿つ者 4: マンデラ 2

     1985年デモ 、The Election in 1994

< 1.The Election in 1994 >

< 1. 1994年の選挙 >

Last time, Mandela appealed to his comradely black people to have to control themselves.

On the other hand, Mandela confronted the strongest enemy.




 2 1985年デモ、a demonstration which wished Mandela release in 1985

< 2. a demonstration which wished Mandela release in 1985 >

< 2.1985年、マンデラ釈放を願うデモ >


The last enemy appeared.

In May 1993, an armed group that consisted of the extreme right wing of white emerged from under the ground.

This organization was 100,000 heavy-armed soldiers, and consisted of many groups including a sect that had believed in Hitler.

They had much in common, regarding Mandela as a terrorist of communist and despising black people.

If their leader ordered it, they were the professional group that doesn’t mind terrorist violence and assassination.


The general received into their leader was being former commander in chief of land, sea and air forces, and was also commanding for repressing in the nation formerly.

He appealed the militiamen who had chosen him.

“Because there is not any person who protects us, you must protect yourself, and our farm and school is target of attacks all. If the self-defense ability is robbed, we are destroyed. We are sacrificed with pleasure because our justice is right. “

They promised to fight for the construction of “Israel of Afrikaner” as a pure nation of white people.

(Afrikaner is white people that mainly consisted of the descendants of the Netherlands emigrant)














1994年投票、 a procession for the election in 1994 

< 3. a procession for the election in 1994 >

< 3.1994年、選挙の行列 >

Move of Mandela

As this information was collected more, Mandela found the destructive power of the enemy bigger.

The general of the enemy was saying, “The day of the armed uprising is near ” “the political situation of South Africa will become out of control”.

Even if national military security was dispatched and arrested this general, he thought that the military authorities that loved the general as hero would rise in revolt.

In this September, Mandela managed to reach the secret talks with the general.


Approximately, Mandela talked to the general as follows

“ You are able to choose a way of our war, and I understand well your supporters’ fear and anxiety.

For South Africa, the war will have little to gain and much to lose, and there is never a winner.

Your army is skillful in military affair, but my army excels in the number, and completely is supported by international society.

After all, will it become “peace in a graveyard”? “

They repeated the talks, and six months later, the general ordered the cancellation of the armed attack.

They announced that they would participate in the general election of all race participation in March 1994.

The strongest enemy vanished like mist, and the way to democratization became in this way.













 監獄、the prison that Mandela entered for 27 years 

< 4. the prison that Mandela entered for 27 years >

< 4. マンデラが27年間入っていた監獄 >


Why could Mandela persuade the general?

The general talked later.

“When negotiating with enemy, the most important one is whether the person in the other side of a table has excellent dignity, and has gotten supporter’s trust. Mandela had both of them.”

Mandela charmed many white people on enemy sides.


But this isn’t enough.

Mandela learned the Afrikaans that Afrikaner spoke, with a correspondence course in the prison, and learned their history and famous poetry by myself.

At the talks with the general, he talked in Afrikaans but language of black people.

” Afrikaner did terrible things to black people, but still I have big respect for the humanity of them”.

The general talked later.

“When I was talking with Mandela, Afrikaners’ sense of the guilt and the scare were fading certainly.”













And the last final stage came over

In early 1994, maximum political party headed by Mandela proposed to replace to a freeing song of black people from a song of white people for a national anthem.

Mandela intensely opposed it, and decided to sing two national anthems together.

When the general heard this, he decided the dissolution of his military forces.

On the next time, I analyze the first-ever achievement of Mandela.











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6 thoughts on “People who passed through the hardest wall 4: Mandela 2

  1. こんばんは(*^_^*)

  2. Excellent post ⭐ … beautiful indeed!. Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

  3. あらためて、彼の言動を今の日本に置き換えると、日本が近隣諸国との問題に対してどういう方向でいったら将来のためになるのかというのが見えてくると思うんです。

    • ご指摘の通りです、日本の現状は相変わらず古い観念に縛られているような気がします。

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