Winter seashore in Awaji Island 4

淡路島 冬の海岸4

Ei fishing port 

< 1. Ei fishing port >

< 1. 江井漁港で >


Today, I introduce fishing ports and seashore facing Seto Inland Sea.  




Osaki fishing port

< 2. Osaki fishing port >

< 2. 尾崎漁港にて >


I photographed three photographs from Osaki fishing port.

Upper photo: The fishing boat that has finished fishing is landing of fish here.

Central photo: I photographed toward south, and Ei-zaki projected toward the sea in the distance.

Lower photo: A fishing boat had finished unloading at this port, and was going to return to homeport.



一番上の写真: ここは漁を終えた漁船が魚を水揚げするところです。

中央の写真: 南側を写しており、遠くで海に突き出しているのは江井崎です。

一番下の写真: 一隻の漁船が、この港で荷揚げを終え自分の港に帰るところです。


Gunnge fishing port and Ei fishing port

< 3. Gunnge fishing port and Ei fishing port >

< 3.郡家漁港と江井漁港 >


Ei fishing port (lower photo) is also a town of incense stick, and the history started from the Edo Period, and this production volume arrives 70 percent of the nation.

By a direction of wind, I have even smelt incense stick at a road distant from the fishing port.





a broad view from the neighborhood of Ei 

< 4. a broad view from the neighborhood of Ei >

< 4. 江井近辺からの遠望 >


Upper photo: I take a picture toward north from a breakwater of Ei, and can view from myself Gunnge, Osaki, and Murotsu.

Lower photo: I take a picture toward south from a place beyond Ei-zaki.


上の写真: 江井の防波堤から北側を写しており、手前から郡家、尾崎、室津が見えます。

下の写真: 江井岬を越えた所から南側を写しています。


A beach of the swimming beach of Taga-no-hama 

< 5. A beach of the swimming beach of Taga-no-hama >

< 5. 多賀の浜海水浴場の浜 >


This swimming beach of Taga-no-hama is situated between Gunnge and Ei.

Here, the water is clear, there are big sandy beach and parking area, and so I recommend it.


I go to my most favorite Myoujin-zaki at Nishiura coast next time.

It becomes the last visit place this time.








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