Capital of Piketty 11: What of disparity is issue? 2

ピケティの資本論 11: 格差の何が問題か 2





This time, I consider the basic issues of disparity.


Basic issues of disparity

A: People can’t do the lowest cultural life.

B: People are driven into this situation and can’t escape.

C: As a result, it declines the motivation of people, and the society is retarded, and people’s dissatisfaction smolder.



A: 人々が最低の文化的生活すら出来ない。

B: 人々が、この状況へと追い込まれ、脱出出来ない。

C: この結果、人々が意欲を低下させ、社会が停滞し、不満が鬱積していく。


A: People can’t do the lowest cultural life.

It is the best to have not plunged them into the situation, but welfare policies can give them the chance of the comeback.


However, the resources are necessary.

However, our government is going to supplement it by raising the consumption tax for longtime deficit financing already.

When low-income class is expanding, the collection of the indirect tax (consumption tax) inflicts further damage on the society and economy.

It is inevitable by most definitions.

Originally, income tax, moreover progressive tax is most suitable for it.


There is also a strong negativism against it, and people can’t embark on legitimate taxation.

“ When it was performed, a wealthy class escapes to abroad, and the economy declines”.

This is like intimidation.

Piketty denies this with the book.


Piketty said that vast assets of the wealthy class already have escaped to abroad with tax haven (custom free), and their living base still remains in their country.

In my opinion, the wealthy class that thinks to escape to abroad only uses assets for speculation without using for consumption.

Even if stock prices go up, the economy doesn’t upturn.

We should act to not evade the wealthy class’s paying tax and the world should cooperate for it.

Only when this is performed, each government can do normal economy and social operation.




A: 人々が、最低の文化的生活すら出来ない。















B: People are driven into this situation and can’t escape.

I introduced some parts of this mechanism already, but the fundamentals are mechanism called an enclosure or discrimination by government, enterprise and society.


This disparity occurred by an irregular employment system that was made by the government, and the companies applied it freely, and the people discriminated them.

The irregular employees are placed under a bad condition for marriage, unemployment, childcare, education, medical care, and pension.

Already, the social position of low-income class or irregular employment fixed and it can be said that this disparity entered early stage.


If Japan pushes forward this current system, ignores this world situation and continues management and economic management of American style, the deterioration is unavoidable.


B: 人々が、この状況へと追い込まれ、脱出出来ない。










C: As a result, it declines the motivation of people, and the society is retarded, and people’s dissatisfaction smolder.

This situation emerges in declining birthrate, immigration clampdown, and high unemployment rate in Europe and America than Japan.


Europe and America were getting the worker by immigration intake because of the population decrease of nature, but they became needless when low economic growth continued.

This may be similar to the era of Hitler who imputed the dissatisfaction of people to anti-Semitism because of the spread of unemployment.


Next time, we look at the social current being in background of the disparity from 4 overseas books.

C: この結果、人々が意欲を低下させ、社会が停滞し、不満が鬱積していく。








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