Capital of Piketty 15:  Things in the background of disparity 4

ピケティの資本論 15: 格差の背景にあるもの 4


< 1. whistleblower Snowden of U.S. Internet surveillance  >

< 1. 米国NSAを告発したスノーデン >


Last time, we see U.S. made a major move.

This time, this article becomes the continuation and summary.




Things that the great transformation caused

I am anxious about the current United States and feel uneasy about the future.

The United States is being the first to spread the disparity, and America-style economy and business seems to be confusing the world now.

The United States retreats from the policy of environmental disruption, global warming, and welfare policy.

Besides, The United States gets involved in some dangerous things on military affairs and information management (Internet surveillance).

I feel uneasy about obstructing a cooperative progress of the world.


However, I can criticize the United States because some critical information (whistle-blowing) still comes out.

This of the United States is superior.

On the other hand, I am not yet convinced as to why the United States is making the wealthy classes a priority.

Simply, it’s repeated in world history, is it an adherence between the wealthy classes that became enormous and the political power?

For example, the election expense for the President, House and Senate in 2012 reached approximately 500 billion yen.

In other words, person cannot become a politician if person having not enormous funds.


Their ancestor ever found a way out with effort and talent.

The United States is a country with a short history, and it were few that the people succeeded to vast wealth from feudal overlord and super-wealth.

People have self-confidence like “I find a way by myself”, and many people continue to strive for a dream, too.


However, the actual situation already began the transformation 30 years ago.





















< 2. President Roosevelt having done New Deal program >

< 2.ニューディール政策を行ったルーズベルト大統領 >


The world had increased the disparity until about 1910, but developed country experienced the Great War and the Great Depression, and the developed country carried out a shakeup with an effective demand theory of Keynes, and the disparity reduced until the 1970s.

The point of the shakeup was to keep employment of worker, to promote a pay rise, and to impose progressive taxation on income and assets of wealthy class.

To have performed this daringly was the United States


However, a swing-over happened after a while after the war.

After the 1980s, the developed country advocated the monetarism, free competition and small national (welfare retreat), and they charged to deregulation, reduction of tax, and abolition of worker protection.

The causation is unclear, but the population decreases, low economic growth, and high level of unemployment became common in most developed country, furthermore and it resulted in less incentive to work, too.

On the other hand, the economic disparity increased, and fistful super wealthy persons having vast assets came to have power.

 They mobilized a lot of scholars by the rich funding ability, waged a campaign for the criticism against New Deal program and laborer egoism, and the predominance of deregulation, through mass communication.

Moreover they may have come to lead the political world by election support.

I think this is a current tide.


I heartily pray for the United States recover as emitting brightness just like the old days.

This continues next time.














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