Travel to Tottori prefecture 1: Grand Mt. Daisen

鳥取旅行 1: 大山の雄姿



I went around a mountain, seashore and a hot spring of Tottori prefecture by car at May 21 and 22.

The main sightseeing spot is Mt. Daisen, Misasa-Onsen (hot spring), Sanbutsu-ji (temple), Tottori Port, Uradome Coast.

Today, I introduce grand Mt. Daisen.






< 2. map of Mt. Daisen, the upper side of this map is north side >

< 2. 大山の地図、上部が北方向 >

The alphabet of these photos shows the shooting location on this map.



About Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen is a volcanic mountain located in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

This mountain has an elevation of 1,729 meters, and the highest in the Chūgoku region. 

The central part was blown off by an eruption that happened tens of thousands of years before, and an approximately 1 km of ridgeline of C type continues.

The width of the ridgeline is only 20-30 centimeters, and the left and right of the ridgeline are several hundred meters of steep cliff, and traversing is prohibited.

The foot of the mountain is about 35km in a north and south direction, and the snowcapped aspect from the west is compared to Mount Fuji.

This has been the subject of mountain worship from ancient times. 

Today, this area attracts widespread popularity as a national park, leisure on the plateaus, ski, and mountain climbing.














< 3. views from south side >

< 3. 南側からの雄姿 >

A: a view from Syouou S.A. of Chūgoku Expressway.

B: a view from Kimendai (viewing platform) of Daisen Parkway.

D: in the middle of Daisen Parkway.

A: 中国自動車道の勝央SAからの眺め。

B: 大山蒜山パークウェイの鬼女台(展望台)からの眺め。

D: 大山蒜山パークウェイより。


< 4. a view from Kagikake-Touge (viewing platform) >

< 4. 鍵掛峠(展望台)からの眺め >


< 5. a view from Moto-Dani in the north side of Mt. Daisen >

< 5. 大山北側の元谷から >

I rose to Moto-Dani by walking for about 30 minutes from Daisen-Ji.



< 6. views from the north side and the west side >

< 6. 西側と北側からの眺め >

G: a view from Masumizu-Kougen. A view from this west side is called Hoki-Fuji.

H, I: in the middle of till Daisen I.C. of Daisen Parkway.

G: 桝水高原からの眺め。この西側からの眺めが伯耆富士と呼ばれます。

H、I: 大山寺から大山IC間の道路から振り返った眺め。


As the altitude of the moving route became high, it became cool, and I could enjoy comfortable drive.

Blessed with splendid weather, the colors of fresh green and flowers were just gorgeous.


On the next time, I introduce other nature and scenery of Mt. Daisen. 






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9 thoughts on “Travel to Tottori prefecture 1: Grand Mt. Daisen

  1. こんにちは(^^♪

  2. Beautiful!! Now I really want to go there!! Are there any trains that go to Mt. Daisen?

    • You can go to Yonago station close on Mt. Daisen by Shinkansen bullet train and limited train “Super Yakumo” for about 3 hours from Shin-Osaka.
      You change this trains at Okayama station.
      Next, you get on a bus to Daisen-Ji from Yonago station for about 50 minutes.
      The Daisen-Ji is main sightseeing area.

  3. So beautiful!

  4. Outstanding post the pictures are wonderful reflection of the nature .Regards.

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