Travel to Tottori prefecture 2: Nature and scenery of Mt. Daisen

鳥取旅行 2: 大山の自然と風景


< 1. a top-down view of Hiruzen Kogen from Kimendai (viewing platform) >

< 1. 鬼女台から蒜山高原を見下ろす >

Today, I introduce the nature and the scenery of Mt. Daisen that I strolled around.



< 2. views of Hiruzen Plateau and Shimane Peninsula >

< 2. 蒜山高原と島根半島を望む >

Upper photo: I saw beyond a leisure land to Mt. Daisen from Hiruzen Plateau.

Central photo: A top-down view of Hiruzen Kogen from Kimendai of Daisen Parkway.

Lower photo: I saw Miho Bay from Masumizu Plateau, and could see beyond it to Shimane Peninsula.


上図: 蒜山高原からレジャーランドの向こうに大山を望む。

中央図: 大山パークウェイの鬼女台から蒜山高原を見下ろす

下図: 桝水高原から眼下に美保湾、その向こうに島根半島が見える。


< 3. a mountain torrent >

< 3. 木谷沢渓流 >

This is a mountain torrent that is near Kagikake-Touge along Daisen Parkway.

The forest surrounded by fresh green leaves shining beautifully, the bubbly stream with lashing hard against rocks, and these were just Japanese early summer.





< 4. Daisen-Ji Temple and the approach >

< 4. 大山寺と参道 >

Upper photo: Traditional inns are located in a line along the main approach to the temple.

Central photo: There is the main gate of the temple on where we reach the peak of the approach.

There is the main hall of the temple in this back.

Lower photo: The approach going around the left side there is a stone pavement to a shrine.

上図: 昔ながらの旅館が並ぶ大山寺の参道本通り。

中央図: 参道本通りを上り詰めた所にある山門。この奥に本堂がある。

下図: そこを左に迂回して大神山神社に向かう石畳の参道。


< 5. Kin-Mon >

< 5. 金門 >

When we diverge to the right side from the approach to the shrine, we can see it.

This photo is a view of the downstream from Moto-Dani valley.

As winter comes, the snowcapped big rocks are very beautiful.


On the next time, I introduce Misasa hot-spring resort area and our inn.







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6 thoughts on “Travel to Tottori prefecture 2: Nature and scenery of Mt. Daisen

  1. 好天に恵まれたにしても、素晴らしく美しい景観と写真ですね! 鳥取を訪れたくなる外国人が増えそうです。

  2. こんにちは(^^♪

    • ほんとうにいい日、いい時期に行けたことを感謝しています。晴れるとほんとうに気持ちが良いですね。

  3. 大山蒜山いいですね~

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