Capital of Piketty 27: we go beyond globalization 2

ピケティの資本論 27: グローバル化を越えて 2



< 1. Two images were made more than 24000 years apart >

< 1. 24000年の時を越えて >


Last time, we saw the evil of globalization.

This time, we loot at a flow of globalization.





A flow of globalization

“Globalization” is that the activity and the viewpoint are spreading over.


The globalization has started together with our human history.

We looked at how the culture and civilization had developed with repeating the fusion and incitement beyond various districts and countries, in my series “Go around the world of Buddha statues” “birth of primitive art” and ” history of sickness and medical art”.

It is difficult to find developments that have been never influenced from others, about everything from Venus, motif of wall painting, religion, god statue, and medical art to medicines.

This is similar up to every development, science, language, law, thought, art, and political system.

The motive power comes from trade, conquer, emigration, propagation or information collection.

It is still spreading throughout our earth for more than 100,000 years.














< 2. an expansion tendency of the world trade >

< 2.世界の貿易拡大傾向 >


How about now?

Particularly, in the last half century, the degree of dependence on foreign trade in the world has increased from 10% to 30%.

This makes world economy activated and must have made people’s lives wealthier.

In association with it, the world has come to cooperate in a protection and a relief in every field, politics, military affair, economy, finance, and environment.

The representative example is the United Nations, EU, ASEAN, African Union and COP.

This background was the economic exchange, a desiring to peace, and an information and communication revolution.

It’s all are not the result of globalization, but it could not be accomplished without this.












< 3.  the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change >

< 3.COPの気候変動枠組条約 >


Although having said that

Would people and nation have accepted globalization unconditionally?


If people chose to cut off all from outside, what would happen?

The result can be seen at a part of indigenous people.

It was the best method to avoid aggression for them to live at an isolated outpost.

However, they must have been exposed to the remarkable difference between the civilizations at last.

Looking back at the time, they had shared in a same civilization 1000 – 3000 years ago.


Some country disliked the cultural ideas or the products poured from foreign countries, and cut off diplomatic relations for defending the economy and culture.

For example, there was the national isolation policy of Ming Dynasty in China, it of the Edo era in Japan, and the protective trade of each country started from the Great Crash of 1929.

In the case of 1929, it caused the great shrinkage for the world economy in spite of a partial embargo and worsened the panic more.

When the degree of dependence upon foreign trade is rising in particular, the globalization backlash is very dangerous in today.


The collapses of the Soviet Union and the Yugoslavian federation of the 1990s were the same movement, and there are same rumors about EU now.

The reaction is easy to happen very much, and the evil becomes very large.






















There is an important thing that we must not overlook here

Human beings have created various laws (norm and regulation) to prevent many troubles and defend mutual right, and there is a fact that human beings are expanding the coverage of the laws more.

The coverage of first law was only inside the tribe.

Before long, the law was applied to a nation, a federation of nations from the last fifth century, and global now.

But it is weak still.


The globalization of law is absolutely indispensable because of making equal each person and keeping each person’s security (economy, military affairs, human rights).


This continues next time.
















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  1. Very interesting and well researched post! All my best wishes and happy weekend! Aquileana ⭐

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