New fables of Aesop 11: White snakes and black snakes

平成イソップ物語 11: 白蛇と黒蛇



  • * 1


Once upon a time, white snakes and black snakes had lived in grassland.

White snakes hadn’t poison, but black snakes had it.






  • * 2


White snakes once gathered and talked.

“ If we have poisonous fang, we also become stronger”

“ We need to get poisonous fang”


They went in front of God.

“ God! We want to get poisonous fang”


God answered.

“ I can fulfill your wish, but you surely will regret. Therefore you should wait”

Some white snakes that didn’t assent to it transformed oneself into black color by sinking their body’s into tar pond.
















  • * 3


A few years later, human beings came to this grassland.


The snakes that transformed oneself into black color became panic.

“Human beings randomly kill black snakes having poisonous fang”

“If this goes on, we also are killed”

“We hastily must take off our black hide”










< 4. Molting, 脱皮 >


All black snakes were dead, and white snakes that couldn’t take off the black hide in time also were dead.


A surviving white snake murmured.

“What does protect us?   We can’t know the answer unless we look at the future as long as possible”










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4 thoughts on “New fables of Aesop 11: White snakes and black snakes

  1. 人も国も蛇のように脱皮するわけにはいかないので、決断はよくよく考えてからにしてほしいものです。

    • そうですね。一度間違った方向に進むと、深みにはまるのが歴史のようですが、正解を得るのは困難ですね。

  2. こんにちは(^^♪

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