Go around the world of Buddha statues 27: The beginning of God statue in China 5

仏像を巡って 27: 中国の神像の始まり 5



< 1.  Mogao Caves in Dunhuang is a Buddhist heritage in China. >

< 1.敦煌莫高窟、中国の仏教石窟 >


This time, we survey the situation that Buddha statue had been spreading in China.




The introduction of Buddhism

The introduction of Buddhism was unexpectedly early, and the 1st century A.D.

Before long, the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms period finished, toward about the 4th century, the predawn of Buddhism came.

From about this time, small Buddha statue for being portable began to be made.








3 A-C 

< 2. these early Buddha statues were made before the Tang dynasty >

< 2. 初期の仏像、唐時代以前 >


A: this gilt bronze statue of Buddha was made in around central Asia in the first half of the 4th century.

This is the earliest Buddha statue of China.


B: a Bodhisattva statue of the early 5th century in Mogao Caves of Dunhuang.

The appearance is influenced by India or Iran.

Mogao Caves were dug for a training place of Buddhist during the 4th and 14th century.


C: a seated Buddha statue of the early 5th century in the Yungang Grottoes.

The nation of northern people that ruled the north China including Dunhuang engraved the largest statue on a rock like mountain by staking the national’s prestige.

The appearance is Mongolia-style.


A: 金銅菩薩立像、4世紀前半頃、中央アジアで製作か。



B: 弥勒菩薩交脚像、敦煌莫高窟第275窟、5世紀前半。




C: 仏座像、雲崗石窟第20窟、5世紀中頃。





< 3. Buddha statue of mature Chinese-style after the Tang dynasty >

< 3.成熟した中国風の仏像、唐時代以降 >


G: Buddha Statues of the 7th century.


H: this seating Buddha statue was made of wood in the 12th century.

The figure like a sexy woman is wonderful.


I: this large Buddha statue is only one of statues engraved on Longmen Caves in the 8th century.

Big Buddha of Nara in Japan was modeled after this statue.


Around this time, these statues became the figure with clothes, hairstyle, and posture of Chinese-style.


G: 十一面観音菩薩像、唐、7世紀。


H: 木造菩薩座像、金(中国北部の王朝)、12世紀末。



I: 毘盧遮那仏、龍門石窟奉先寺洞、唐、8世紀。





Until now, we looked at the change of Chinese Buddha statue, god statue, and human statue during 7000 years.


Much of human figures in the early stage were half beast and half man, shaman, mountain hermit or ancestor gods.

Around the beginning of the first century, it was considerably drawn like human being.


These were for individual purpose or religious faith such as an amulet of grave, a prayer of something, a prayer of eternal youth and immortality.

Until that time, people had not prayed to one statue that was placed in a shrine on the ground each day.


Outside Buddha statue, there weren’t all-around God having supernatural power and personal God that was expressed by a statue.


On the next time, we look at the situation that statue of noble character of Taoism was born suddenly in the Tang dynasty.



















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