Go around the world of Buddha statues 29: The beginning of God statue in China 7

仏像を巡って 29: 中国の神像の始まり 7


< 1. a statue of Taoism in Taiwan >

< 1. 道教像、台湾 >


This time, we look at the wonder of religion that was behind the background of the birth of god statue.

“The beginning of God statue in China “ is the last at this article.







< 2. the change of the Chinese human statue for approximately 4,000 years >

< 2. 約4000年間にわたる中国の人物像の変遷 >


What had happened to Taoism and Buddhism?

In the despair of troublous times in those days, people didn’t come to refuse Buddhism only because it was a religion of different ethnic groups.

Then, the people became fascinated by the cultivation of mind or the help of the Buddha that Buddhism advocated.

The people received the theory “a never-ending cycle of life and death” to endure temporal unreasonableness.

In addition, many dynasties came to use the influence.


On the other hand, Taoism became popular until it was favorably compared with Buddhism, but it was necessary to change to other direction from Chinese alchemy (medicine-making techniques) because of developing poisoning death by the medicine for immortality.

Therefore, Taoism incorporated the cultivation of mind from Buddhism as means of the perpetual youth and longevity.

In addition, Taoism had been necessary to theorization due to argument with Buddhism, and put the philosophy of Doka on a basis.


On the other hand, Buddhism adopted a prayer and execration of Taoism, too.

Buddha and Laozi that had been the founder of the each sect were advertised as the same person by both religions.


















< 3. Laozi of China and “a never-ending cycle of life and death” of India >

< 3. 中国の老子とインドの輪廻転生 >


A mystery of the statue birth of Taoism

The supreme god of Taoism should have become clear from those days because sacred books of Taoism were accomplished from about the first century.

However, the statues birth of Taoism was the sixth century, and was 2 centuries later than Buddha statues had spread.

Even if people can make human statue, it seems to have had a hesitation to express supreme god by human image.


In many religions of the world, why was there such delay of god statues?


There is the hint a little.

In addition, the purposes of the worship were restrictive and intermittent, such as ancestor worship, burial, disease recovery, huge harvest, and exorcism.


However, when a unified dynasty was born, the guardian deities of each tribe were systematized, and a personal god like the king came out on the top.

This personal god became the supreme god who can accept all wishes from national prosperity to disease recovery.


In this situation, when a religion having the statue of personal god came in, a tendency of the molding of the god statue becomes lively.

In this way, the god statue was independently enshrined and came to be always worshiped.

As for this, not only China but also India and Japan were similar.























< 4. a crematory of Ganges and the mausoleum of first Qin Emperor >

< 4. ガンジス川の火葬場と秦の始皇帝の陵墓 >


It shows that a collision of different cultures further developed the view of society, religious piety and carving skill of people.

For example, by accepting of the concept ”a never-ending cycle of life and death”, Chinese burial culture united with Indian cremation culture that differed in ” view of life and death”, and it affected not only China but also Japan.






Religion has sublime idea, and particularly there is a power to grow splendid neighborly love.

On the other hand, the more believers’ piety is strong, the more they hate pagans intensely.

However, the syncretism was possible precisely even between the religions caused serious confrontation because there was a truth common to all humankind in those, and spread in the world.


From next time, I will treat another theme about god statue of the world.












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