The society and the information 44: news media has fought 1

社会と情報 44: 戦った報道 1


1 徳富蘇峰

< 1. this journalist played an active part in newspapers since the Meiji period >

< 1.明治初期から新聞で活躍した言論人 >


So far, we have looked at the problem of Japanese newspaper.

But, if you look at a little the past, you will find many journalists devoted themselves life to news report and changed the society.

We chase up the behavior of their fight from now on.






 2 明治維新

< 2. the eve of the Meiji Restoration, and the five persons that played a huge role in the Restoration. >

< 2.明治維新前夜と維新の元勲達 >



Japanese newspapers began to take an important role since the Meiji Restoration.

The period that I focus on is 1910s and 1920s, and in this period, the politics and society changed suddenly and became confused.

This almost overlaps with the Taisho period (1912 -1926).

In Japan at the period, there were an increase of national power, an elevation of consciousness of people, and a change of the international situation.

Many journalists aimed at the reformation of society, and ran through this period at full power.


Their action let popular rights spread, and it can be said to be a victory of news media, but was swallowed into a big flow at the end.

After this, military authorities pulled Japan, and people and news media together progressed to a path of military superpower.


The thing that I want everyone to know is a truth that many Japanese newspapers fought taking people’s side, and were defeated at last.

What kind of role did newspapers at the period play?

How did the people behave?

As the result, how did the society change?

After that, what happened to the newspapers?

We will be able to know these through this serialization.


Before that, we shall see the summary of this period.






















3 自由民権運動

< 3. the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement and the oppression >

< 3. 自由民権運動と弾圧 >


The passage from the Meiji Restoration to 1910

Japan accomplished the Meiji Restoration in 1869, steered to the capitalist society from the feudal society, and promoted the wealth and military strength and the encouragement of new industry.

Japanese government was grasped by samurai groups that played a huge role in the Meiji Restoration.

The government was far from people because there was the friction of the social reformation, too.

The Freedom and People’s Rights Movement happened in order to defeat this system, and became big movement, due partly to the activity of newspapers and journalists.

As this result, the government that had been unwilling to open the Imperial Diet promulgated the Constitution of the Empire of Japan in 1889, and opened it the next year at last.

On the other hand, the government has begun to suppress people’s social movement by various laws (the libel and the newspaper regulations).

At a major depression, this people’s social movement intensified to armed uprisings, and the government oppressed it by military power.











4 帝国議会

< 4. the Imperial Diet >

< 4. 帝国議会 >


5 日露戦争

< 5. a scene of Japanese-Russo War and an irony of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance >

< 5. 日露戦争の戦闘場面と日英同盟の風刺 >


In those days, while major nations had scrambled for colonies everywhere in the world, each European countries and Russia repeated alliance, and were antagonistic with splitting in two big groups.

By this, Japan concluded the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902, and repeated to conclude a treaty between major nations after that.

Japan won the Japanese-Sino and Japanese-Russo Wars in 1905, performed Annexation of Korea in 1910, and enlarged the colony in the East Asia.


On the other hand, a new trend of thought was spreading in Japan.

It was a labor movement and democracy.

This had advanced in Western countries, and the storm of the revolution would rage before long in Eurasia.


This continues next time.

















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