I visited Guilin 3: Boat tour of the Lijiang River 2


< 1. At 12:39, the front >

< 1.12:39、後方 >


Today, I introduce the last half of our boat tour of Lijiang River.




 2 地図

< 2. This satellite photo shows the last half of the boat tour of the river. The upper side is north side and the upper reaches. >

< 2. 川下り後半部の衛星写真、上方が北で上流です >


The numbers of the satellite photo

6: The Painted Hill of Nine Horses. 7-8: Yellow Cloth Shoal. 8: Xingping town. 9: Yangshuo.


The course of this last half is from the Painted Hill of Nine Horses introduced last time to Yangshuo of the terminal port.

There still are various acute crests in the beginning of this last half, but these gradually become the gentle mountain image.




6:九馬画山。 7~8:黄布倒影。 8:興坪。 9:陽朔。







< 3.   These seem to be Yellow Cloth Shoal >

< 3.ここが黄布倒影らしい >

I photographed these two at between No. 7 and No. 8 of the above map.


Upper photo: At 12:00, the back.

A precipice of the right side is the Painted Hill of Nine Horses and much photos of Yellow Cloth Shoal seem to be taken from a little more down stream.

At this time, our lunch just began, and I missed a shutter chance while I had left the observation deck.


Lower photo: At 12:30, the back.

This photo resembles the Yellow Cloth Shoal of the 20-Yuan bill of China (the below figure).

“Yellow Cloth Shoal” means the mountains and sky clearly are reflected in the surface of the river.


At the departure, the observation deck was full of people, but people almost returned to the cabin after an hour and a half.

Persons that stayed in the observation deck until the last were fewer than 10 persons.



上の写真: 12:00、後方。




下の写真: 12:30、後方。









< 4. Until Yangshuo >

< 4. 陽朔まで >

Upper photo: At 13:11. In the last half, an idyllic scene increased.

Center photo: At 13:35, the back. There is Snail Hill like putting a snail on a mountain in the left.

Lower photo: At 13:49, the front. A view of Yangshuo of the terminal port.

We passed through West Town full of tourists, and reached the big town of Yangshuo.


上の写真: 13:11。後半になると、のどかな光景に出会うようになります。

真ん中の写真: 13:35、後方。左にカタツムリを載せたような螺蛳山。

下の写真: 13:49、前方。終着の陽朔の町が見える。




< 5. Various scene 1 >

< 5. 様々な光景1 >



< 6. Various scene 2 >

< 6. 様々な光景2 >

Upper photo: Many boats come and go close to each other because the river is narrow.

There is one person who has a blue flag in front of the boat.

When navigating the left side, the person has a blue flag, and in the reverse case, he has a red flag.


Center photo: A small two pleasure boats.

In old days, these ships were made of bend bamboos, but these two boats were made fake bamboo by plastics.


Lower photo: Two men had been playing the thing like fishing.


上の写真: 船がすれすれで行き交う光景。




真ん中の写真: 小型の遊覧船。



下の写真: 二人の男性が釣りらしきことをしていた。




< 7. Our lunch >

< 7. 昼食 >

Light photo: I took a picture of the kitchen of neighbor boat just before our departure.

Left photo: Our lunch.


At lunchtime, various dishes were served in the first floor cabin.

All persons of boarding party seem to have taken about 30 minutes for taking these dishes.

I got my wife to give me a little dishes because I didn’t want to lose of my time.


On the next time, I introduce different sightseeing.


右の写真: 出港直前、隣の船の台所を撮影。

左の写真: 我々の昼食。










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  1. こんばんは(●^o^●)

    • 昼食は地元料理のバイキングですが、見た目、食欲がわかなかった。私は大概、中華料理は好きなのですが。

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