Went around Croatia and Slovenia 5: Capital city Ljubljana

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 5: 首都リュブリャナ


         1 DSC08847  

< 1. Prešeren Square lies beyond the Triple Bridge. No. 10 in map >

< 1. 三本橋を渡るとプレシェレン広場、地図番号10 >


I introduce Ljubljana that is the capital of Slovenia.

This city was a capital city of Balkan Peninsula that I visited in this trip first.

I had expected a different culture of former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.






 2 地図

< 2. This map indicates our sightseeing route >

< 2. 徒歩の順路を示す地図 >

S, G: We started from and returned at this place.

We walked in order of these numbers from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm Sunday, August 30, and these indicate the shooting locations.


We saw the sights of the old city by the guidance of a local guide, and enjoyed a stroll.

This city was a European small and calm town rather than the capital city.

There aren’t large buildings and old history inheritances here.

Tourists on the street are not many and this place is a little desolate as tourist spot.

However, I noticed people were living richly and leisurely in this city while we went through this city on foot, and by listening to advice of the guide.


S,G: 出発し戻った場所。









3 通り

< 3. Going on the street in front of city hall >

< 3. 市庁舎前の通りに向かう >

No.1: Puppet Theater.

No.2: A bronze statue stands on Vodnik Square at the right side, and a cathedral is over there.

No.4: The street in front of city hall.


番号1: 人形劇場。

番号2: 右手に青銅像が建つヴォドニック広場、その向こうに大聖堂。

番号4: 市庁舎前の通り。


4 大聖堂内部

< 4. Cathedral of St. Nicholas. No. 3 in map >

< 4. 聖ニコライ大聖堂、地図番号3 >


As always, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of powerful and gorgeous baroque.




5 大聖堂

< 5. Cathedral of St. Nicholas. >

< 5. 聖ニコライ大聖堂 >


No. 3: A view from the street.

No. 3A,B: The reliefs of two gates made me feel dignity and novelty.


番号3: 通りから見た外観。

番号3A、B: 両門扉の彫像に重々しさと斬新さがあった。



6 通り像

< 6. The city hall at the center. No.5 in map >

< 6. 中央に市庁舎が見える、地図番号5 >


Robba fountain at the left side deals with three rivers flowing through Slovenia.



7 川

< 7. Beautiful Ljubljanica riverside >

< 7.美しいリュブリャツァ川沿い >

No.6: A pleasure boat and Ljubljanica river. 

No.8: Open cafes and restaurants filled with citizen line the promenade.

No.9: Francisco church that faces Preseren Square is seen beyond the Triple Bridge.


The same architect built this bridge and the church in 1930s.

Two bronze statues stand on Preseren Square and Vodnik Square, and the name of each Square was called after two poets of these statues.

Because the statue of poet without soldier stands, the race history of Slovenian seems to be symbolized.


番号6: リュブリャツァ川を行き交う遊覧船。

番号8: 市民で賑わっているオープンカフェやレストランが並ぶ散歩道。

番号9: 三本橋の向こうにプレシェレン広場に面したフランシスコ教会が見える。






8 城と市場

< 8. Various scene 1 >

< 8. 様々な光景1 >

No.7: A view of Ljubljana Castle.

No.11: Outdoor market, and Cathedral is over there.

No.11A: Fresh fruits were on the outdoor market.

We bought raw figs, and it had been ripe, so it was very sweet.


番号7: リュビリャナ城を望む。

番号11: 青空市場。後ろに大聖堂が見える。

番号11A: 青空市場には新鮮な果物が並んでいた。




9 人形

< 9. . Various scene 2 >

< 9. 様々な光景2 >

No.1A: At just 4:00, the dolls came out of the clock tower of the Puppet Theater.

Central photo: It seems statue with combination of crucifixion of Christ and Virgin Mary.

In earnest Catholic country, I came across these two motifs well.

No.12: The dragon on the bridge is the city emblem of Ljubljana.

It was photographed from the opposite bridge.

It was European dragon indeed.


番号1A: 4時ちょうど、人形劇場の時計台から人形が出て来た。

真ん中の写真: 聖母マリアと磔刑されたイエスの像だろう。


番号12: リュブリャナの市章になっている橋の袂の龍。向かいの橋から撮影。



10 土産集合

< 10. Souvenir shop >

< 10. 土産店 >

No.11B: At the riverside of the Outdoor market.


番号11B: 青空市場の川沿いにある。


11 市街

< 11. Passing through a new urban area from the old city >

< 11. 旧市街から新市街を抜けて >


Though the area that we passed through was only a part, there were no skyscrapers.

But I had the impression that this city is rich in green and comfortable.


This continues next time.












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4 thoughts on “Went around Croatia and Slovenia 5: Capital city Ljubljana

  1. お早うございます(^^♪

    • あまり観光化されていないくて、のんびりしたヨーロッパの町で良かったです。

  2. I am from Slovenia and I enjoy reading about your impressions of the country and of Croatia.

    • Thank you very much. I came to like Slovenia, Croatia of Balkan and the Adriatic Sea at this trip at one time.

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