I visited Guilin 4: Sightseeing of Guilin city

桂林を訪れました 4: 桂林市内観光




< 1. “玄武仙境” in the limestone cave of Chuanshan Park >

< 1. 玄武仙境、穿山公園の鍾乳洞 >


Today, I introduce Guilin Zoo, the limestone cave of Chuanshan Park, and Elephant Trunk Hill in the City.

The sightseeing was in the afternoon of Thursday, September 17, and it was cloudy unfortunately







< 2. The map shows our sightseeing spots >

< 2. 観光地を示す地図 >

A red star mark shows a central downtown area, and the Lijiang river flows through a center of the map.

The upper part of the map is the north.

1: Guilin Zoo.

2: The limestone cave of Chuanshan Park.

3: Elephant Trunk Hill.

We went through a red line on foot till a red point, and saw it from the opposite shore.









Guilin Zoo

The zoo was rich in green, and there were pandas.







< 3. Guilin Zoo >

< 3. 桂林動物園 >


The limestone cave of Chuanshan Park

This cave is in the hillside of a small mountain, and the while length is hundreds meters and the average width is 3 –5 meters.

However, “玄武仙境” is approximately 30 meters in diameter, and the fantastic space spread out.







< 4. The limestone cave >

< 4. 鍾乳洞 >

Upper photo: “福寿泉”.

Lower photo: A part of “玄武仙境”.


上の写真: 福寿泉。

下の写真: 玄武仙境の一部。



< 5. The limestone cave and Chuanshan Park 

< 5. 鍾乳洞と穿山公園 


Upper photo: “玄武仙境” that I photographed by flash from same position of the infographic topping.

Center photo: A flash photo at an upper part of the passage.

The color of the original limestone cave is such as this, but it becomes another world by colorful vivid illumination.

Lower photo: I looked at a tower of a mountain from the exit side of the cave across a branch river of Lijiang.


上の写真: フラッシュで撮影した玄武仙境。


真ん中の写真: 通路の上部をフラッシュ撮影。

本来の鍾乳洞の色はこのようですが、色とりどりの鮮やかな照明で別世界になっている。下の写真: 鍾乳洞の出口側から漓江の支流越しに塔山の塔を見る。


Elephant Trunk Hill and a park

We went through the big botanical park toward a riverside of Lijiang.

A whole island becomes the beautiful park and becomes the citizen’s oasis.









< 6. The park >

< 6. 公園 >



< 7. Elephant Trunk Hill >

< 7. 象鼻山 >

There is Elephant Trunk Hill on the opposite shore of Lijiang, and the right side of the hole is associated with an elephant trunk.

The area is crowed with tourists and pleasure boats.


This continues next time.










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2 thoughts on “I visited Guilin 4: Sightseeing of Guilin city

  1. こんにちは(^^♪
    桂林は南国ムードですね(^_-)-☆ 象鼻山!なるほど象の鼻ですね(*_*)

    • この場所はいろんな場所から眺めるようで、私は近くまで行きたかった。この島の公園は良いです。中国らしい、一気に植物園を観光のために作ってしまうところが。

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