Went around Croatia and Slovenia 12:  Seafaring country Dubrovnik 2

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 12: 海洋都市ドゥブロブニク 2



< 1. Viewpoint A. I overlook the old port from rampart >

< 1.視点A。城壁から旧港を見下ろす >


Today, I introduce a walking on the rampart of Dubrovnik.

Unfortunately I didn’t go all the way around it, but even part of it was worth seeing.







< 2. Whole view of Dubrovnik from Mt. Srd >

< 2.スルジ山から見たドゥブロブニク >


We walked the promenade of rampart of the near side from the left side to the right side.

I wanted to walk the rampart of the seaside, but couldn’t go on the grounds of our tour.

We walked it from 10:00 to 10:20.







< 3. Our sightseeing route >

< 3.私達の観光ルート >



A yellow line shows a walking route of the rampart.

Yellow arrows and alphabets indicate approximate photography point and direction.

Red stars are main sightseeing spots seen from the rampart.

Blue lines are our sightseeing routes.









< 4. Viewpoint A >

< 4.視点A >


I saw the old port from the top of the stairs that I had climbed up to.

The stone wall of the left hand is a part of Revelin fortress surrounding an east gate.






< 5. Viewpoint B >

< 5.視点B >


Upper photo: Saint Ivan fortress on the left end was a cornerstone of protection for old port.

There is Lokrum Island in the back.

Lower photo: Dominikanski monastery and bell tower are near the entrance of the rampart.


上の写真: 左端にあるのが聖イヴァン要塞で旧港の守りの要だった。


下の写真: 城壁の上り口のすぐ隣にあるドミニコ修道院と鐘楼。



< 6. Viewpoint C, D, E are arranged in order from the top >

< 6. 上から順に視点C, D, E >


Upper photo: Two gray dome roofs seen in the center are Saint Blaise church and Dubrovnik Cathedral from the near side.

The thin tower on the left side is a bell tower in Luža Square.


Lower photo: The brown square roofs and bell tower in the center are Franciscan monastery.

There is Pile Gate that we entered through the rampart on the right side.

Furthermore, there is Lovrijenac fortress beyond an inlet on the right side.


上の写真: 中央に見える二つのドーム状の灰色屋根は、手前から聖ヴラホ教会、大聖堂です。



下の写真: 中央の方形をなす茶色屋根と尖塔はフランシスコ修道院です。






< 7. Viewpoint F,G >

< 7.  視点F, G >


Upper photo: Minčeta Tower from the promenade of the rampart.

It was built in the 14th century and was rebuilt in the 15th century.

I didn’t climb it because I need to move forward fast.

A regret!


Lower photo: There is Pila Gate in the center of the rampart, and Fort Bokar in the back.



上の写真: 城壁の遊歩道から見たミンチェタ要塞。




下の写真: 城壁の中央にピレ門、その向こうにボーカル要塞が見える。



< 8. Viewpoint H >

< 8.視点H >


The left side is the rampart that we just walked on.

There is the Adriatic Sea beyond the old port, and furthermore the Mediterranean Sea in the back.






< 9. Viewpoint I >

< 9.視点I >

I look down Placa street from the top of Pila Gate.

A church and Franciscan monastery lined up on the left side from the near side.

There is a bell tower of Luža Square at the end of the street.







< 10. Viewpoint I >

< 10.視点I >


I look down the right side of Placa street from the top of Pila Gate.

The dome structure of the lower right is the upper part of Big Onofrio’s fountain.





About the rampart

It is the about 8th century when this old town was born that this rampart surrounding it was built.

After that, it was expanded and became its current form in the about 16th century.

The max height is 25 m, the width of the sea side is 1.5 – 3 m, and it of the mountain side is 4 – 6 m.

Walking on the promenade of the rampart takes one hour by making a circuit.

The entrances are four, and four fortresses are established at four corners.

At the entrance of the Lovrijenac fortress (viewpoint E, G) on the western outside, the following message had been carved on the castle wall.

” It isn’t in the right that we sell our freedom for even every gold “

Here is the spirit of a seafaring country that traded over the world of the Middle Ages.















My dream was to look at a city of seafaring country that thrust in the sea.

This city was an independent nation once, and was a perfect city that had left a feature of the Middle Ages.

How could such small country continue with the independent nation between large countries for approximately seven centuries?

Phoenicia and Miletos must have been similar, too.

This history romance tempts me into next meditation.


This continues next time.


















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