Akashi Strait and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the early winter 1

初冬の明石海峡と明石海峡大橋 1



< 1. View from Awaji Service Area on the down route on December 4 >

< 1. サービスエリア<下り>から、12月4日の9:50 >


I will introduce two beautiful spots of Akashi Strait in twice.

This time, it is Awaji Service Area on the down route of KOBE-AWAJI-NARUTO EXPWY.





The photography is from 9:00 to 10:00 on December 4, 2015 and from 8:00 to 9:00 on December 9.

December 4 became rapidly cloudy, but December 9 was splendid beautiful weather.


Here are two service areas on the up route and down route that we can enjoy splendid views from.

I introduce only one side for my own reason.

Specifically, please see http://www.jb-highway.co.jp/sapa/awaji_down.php











< 2. View from Awaji Service Area on the down route on December 4 >

< 2. サービスエリア<下り>から、12月4日の9:50 >


There is Iwaya fishing port on the closer side, and Akashi area on the opposite bank.





< 3. View from Awaji Service Area on the down route on December 4 >

< 3. サービスエリアから、12月4日の9:50 >


A slightly elevated mountain on the opposite shore is “Suma Ichino-Tani” known for the Genpei War.





< 4. The inside buildings of Awaji Service Area on the down route on December 9 >

< 4. サービスエリア<下り>内部、12月9日の8:00 >


There are good fast food shops and a restaurant with a view here.





< 5.   Whole view of Awaji Service Area >

< 5. サービスエリア全景 >


Upper photo: View from near Awaji Highway Oasis on December 4.

The left side is Awaji Service Area on the up route, and the right side is it on the down route.

We can go into the Highway Oasis on hillside from local roads, the expressway, and the two Service Areas.

Specifically, please see http://www.ura.co.jp/oasis/


Central photo: Whole view of Awaji Service Area on the down route.

Lower photo: There is the Highway Oasis in center. 


On the next time, I introduce a beautiful spot that I know for the first time.



上の写真: ハイウェイオアシスの近くから、12月4日の9:30。



詳しくは、http://www.ura.co.jp/oasis/ を見てください。


真ん中の写真: 淡路サービスエリア<下り>の全景。12月9日の8:20。

下の写真: 淡路ハイウェイオアシスの建物が中央に見えます。12月9日の8:20。






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