Went around Croatia and Slovenia 19: Kotor 1

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 19: コトル 1



< 1. Kotor gulf photo taken from a moving ferry >

< 1. フェリーから撮ったコトル湾、北側 >


I introduce Kotor that is a maritime republic of the Middle Ages and the world heritage in twice.

Today, I introduce Kotor gulf and the castle wall of Kotor.






< 2. Maps of Kotor >

< 2. コトルの地図 >

The upper side of all maps is the north.

Upper map: The tip of a red arrow indicates Kotor, and a black point is Dubrovnik.

The direct distance of Kotor between Dubrovnik is 60km.


Central map: A red arrow indicates Kotor, and a red point is a church in an island (photo 4).

Black arrows indicate our bus route to Kotor, and blue arrows do the route on the way back.

We crossed to an opposite shore with a ferry one time on the way back.


Lower map: Orange-colored town is Kotor.

There was a maritime republic that continued since ancient times in the back of the gulf.

The triangular port town of a side 60 m was sandwiched between the gulf and the steep mountains that reached an attitude of 1,700 m, so it was protected.

Furthermore, the slope of the mountain was surrounded with castle walls to 200 m above sea level.



上図: 赤矢印の先がコトルで、黒丸はドゥブロブニクです。



中央図: 赤矢印がコトルで、赤丸は島の教会(写真4)です。




下図: オレンジの町並みがコトルです。





Kotor gulf and the castle wall of Kotor

Here is Montenegro, and only one place that we visited in this country.

The photography was from 12:50 to 17:00 on September 2, 2015.

The following photographs almost are arranged in order of the photo opportunity.








< 3. The first half of Kotor gulf photos taken from moving bus >

< 3. コトル湾の前半、バスから撮影 >

Upper photo: Mountainside scenery before going in Kotor gulf after leaving from Dubrovnik.

Central photo: Going in Kotor gulf.

Lower photo: Going in the back of Kotor gulf.


上の写真: ドゥブロブニクから来て、コトル湾に入る手前の山側の景色。

中央の写真: コトル湾に入った。

下の写真: コトル湾の奥に入って来た。



< 4. A church in a island taken from moving bus >

< 4. 島の教会、バスから撮影 >


The building of the right island seems to be a church of the Orthodox Church.




< 5.   The last half of Kotor gulf photos taken from moving bus >

< 5. コトル湾の後半、バスから撮影 >


Central photo: The back left of a moving boat is Kotor.

Lower photo: There is Kotor in the back of this gulf.


中央の写真: ボートの左手奥がコトルです。

下の写真: 最深部にコトルがある。



< 6. The castle wall of Kotor >

< 6. コトルの城壁、徒歩で撮影 >

Upper photo: We approached the wall and fosse from the north side.

Central photo: This slope of the mountain was surrounded with castle walls to 200 m above sea level.

A church is also seen.


Lower photo: This is the appearance of the back of the fosse.


上の写真: 北側から城壁と堀に近づいた。

中央の写真: 裏手の山、標高200mまで城壁が張り巡らされている。



下の写真: 堀の奥側の様子。



< 7. We are passing through a castle gate of Kotor >

< 7. コトルの城門をくぐっているところ >




< 8. At ferry on the way back >

< 8. 帰りのフェリー >

Upper photo: We are going to board a ferry now.

I look at the back of Kotor gulf (the north side).


Lower photo: I look at the south side from the moving ferry.


This continues next time.



上の写真: 今からフェリーに乗ります。



下の写真: フェリーから南側を見ている。







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