Glistening white Himeji Castle 1

白く輝く美しい姫路城 1



< 1. Himeji Castle >

< 1. 姫路城 >


Today, I introduce Himeji Castle.

I visited the Himeji Castle after major renovations on New Year’s Day.

This is called another name as “White Egret Castle”, and is a world’s cultural heritage and a national treasure.

It is an extreme of the Japanese tradition beauty








< 2. The past and present of the Himeji Castle >

< 2.姫路城の今昔 >


Upper fig.: A picture of the Himeji Castle of the early Meiji period.

Lower photo: The aerial photograph before the renovations in 2007.

The top of the both pictures indicates the north, the moat is seen at the under side, and Ote-mon Gate (main gate) is seen at the center of it.


上の図: 明治初期の姫路城の絵。

下の写真: 大修理前、2007年の航空写真。





< 3. The Himeji Castle and the castle tower >

< 3. 姫路城と天守閣 >


Upper map: A red line shows my visiting route to the castle tower, and a blue line does it from the castle tower.

We can go up to the top floor of the castle tower.

The top of the map is the north direction.


Lower fig.: It shows the structure of the castle tower.

The structure of the castle tower becomes a building built on the stone wall of 15m in height that has six floors and is 32m in height, and then there is the first floor within the stone wall.  

This is the best wooden building in all Japan, and two “large pillars” of about 1m in the root diameter are 25m in height, and penetrate through this wooden building from the basement to the fifth floor.


The castle tower was increased the white remarkably by virtue of the roofing tiles and plaster coatings having been repaired entirely in “Restoration of Heisei”.


上の図: 赤線が天守閣まで、青線が天守閣からの見学ルートを示します。




下の図: 天守閣の構造を示します。







< 4. Finally, I entry into the castle >

< 4. いよいよ入城 >


Upper photo: I pass through Ote-mon Gate, and get a panoramic view of the Himeji Castle from the open space.

Lower photo: I pass through an entrance gate, and enter the first castle gate “Diamond Gate”.


上の写真: 大手門を抜けて、広場から姫路城の全景を望む。

下の写真: 入城口を抜けて、最初の城門「菱の門」に入る。






< 6. Finally, I entry into to the castle tower >

< 6. いよいよ天守閣へ >


Upper photo: I stand just under the castle tower.

I go into the building soon.


Lower photo: I overlook the west side from the window of the lower floor of the castle tower.


上の写真: 天守閣の直ぐ下。



下の写真: 天守閣下層の窓から西側を見下ろす。



< 7. Inside the castle tower 1 >

< 7. 天守閣内 1 >

These are pictures of the 1st floor or 2nd floor.

There were many visitors, so we had to wait our turn for going up on this floor.


Seeing this wooden construction, I could feel that many samurais walked through the passageway for several hundred years.









< 8. Inside the castle tower 2 >

< 8. 天守閣内 2 >


Furthermore, I am going to the top floor.

Central photo: “ West large pillar” is seen in the photo, and it is one of “large pillar”.

This floor is the 5th floor, and the part is the top of the pillar.

The iron plate seen in the photo seems the sliding prevention of the pillar.


This continues next time.



中央の写真: 「西大柱」が見えます、これは「大柱」の一本です。







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