Glistening white Himeji Castle 2

白く輝く美しい姫路城 2





Today, I introduce the latter half of the Himeji Castle sightseeing.





< 2. Views from the castle tower top floor >

< 2. 天守閣最上階からの眺め >


Upper photo: The castle walls extending to the west are seen.

Central photo: We can see the open space that was once a building ” Sannomaru”, and the moat to the left side.

Lower photo: “Shachihoko” is placed on the end of the tile roof in the south side.

This statue is made from the head of a tiger and the body of a fish, it stands on its head, and it becomes a charm against evil.


上の写真: 西側に延びている曲輪(城壁)が見える。

中央の写真: 南側の三の丸広場、左側に堀が見える。

下の写真: “しゃちほこ”が南側にせり出した屋根に載っている。




< 3. Inside the castle tower >

< 3. 天守閣内部 >


Upper photo: The window side of the top floor.

Central photo: The small shrine is seen in the center of the top floor.

Lower photo: The first floor of the underground cannot get sunshine from windows.

Two large pillars are seen.


上の写真: 最上階の窓側。

中央の写真: 最上階の中央に神社の祠が見える。

下の写真: 最下層、窓の光がささない地下一階。





< 4. Dignified appearance of the castle tower >

< 4. 天守閣の威容 >


Upper photo: This castle tower consists of a main tower, and three small towers located around it.

One of those is seen to the left.


Central photo: An expansion of the main tower.

Lower photo: We can see the moat of the south side, and the main gate to the right side.


上の写真: 天守閣は大天守とその周りの三つの小天守からなります。



中央の写真: 大天守の拡大です。

下の写真: 城の南側の堀と右に大手門が見えます。




< 5. The castle tower from “ Ninomaru” >

< 5.二の丸付近からの天守閣 >


About the Himeji Castle

The history began from a fort of Muromachi era in the 14th century, and military strategist Kanbei Kuroda built the castle here in the last of the age of provincial wars.

After that, lords of the castle changed on several occasions, but the present castle tower leaves a figure of the Edo era.

The castle’ buildings were built as swirling around the main building “ Honmaru” being near the castle tower on a small hill of big plain.

A distance between the east and the west of the moat surrounding the castle is approximately 500m.



It was very fine.

The admission fee of New Year’s Day was free, there were not the traffic jam of the road, so we could enjoy.

Our castle sightseeing was two hours from 9:00.

I am going to visit again when the cherry tree blooms.

















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