Went around Croatia and Slovenia 22: Deeply scarred Town Mostar


クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 22: 傷痕の町モスタル 1




< 1. Župa Svetog Petra i Pavla is a church in Mostar >

< 1.モスタルの教会、Župa Svetog Petra i Pavla >


Today, we go to the intermountain town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I introduce the scenery between coastal town Neum and the Mostar.







< 2. Root maps >

< 2.地図 >


Upper map: It shows Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A black point is the Mostar.


Lower map: It shows the way to the Mostar from the Neum that we stayed in.

Red arrows show the two towns, and blue arrow shows the root.

The distance between the Mostar and the Neum is about 60 km.

We left at 9 A.M. on September 3, 2015, and arrived at 11 A.M.

It took much time, because we went through two checkpoints on the border.


上の地図:  ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナを示す。



下の地図: ホテルのあるネウムからモスタルへの道を示す。






About Mostar

1992-1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina was involved into Yugoslav Wars.

At this time, we have known the capital Sarajevo became the battlefield, and similar tragedy occurred in the Mostar, too.

Race of this nation consists of the most Muslims, subsequently a Croatian of the Christian, and a Serbian of the Greek Orthodox Church.

And this nation has a border with Croatia and Serbia.

By this, this Muslims suffered damage by ethnic cleansing by a Serbian at the time of Yugoslavia’s collapse.











< 3. Sceneries between the Neum and downstream of Neretva >

< 3. ネウムからネレトヴァ川の下流まで >


Upper photo: People had been enjoying a marine vacation.

Central photo: As going through a mountain pass, I saw a monastery (?) on the hill.

Lower photo: The plains that spread out downstream of Neretva river.


上の写真:  リゾートを楽しむ人々の姿が見える。

中央の写真: 峠を通過中、丘の上に修道院(?)が見えた。

下の写真:  ネレトヴァ川の河口に広がる平野部。




< 4. We were coming down to the plains >

< 4. 平野部に降りていく >


There are lots of dry mountains in this area, but this place is filled with green.





< 5. Towns along the Neretva >

< 5. ネレトヴァ川沿いの街並み >


Upper photo: I saw a mosque for the first time in this trip.

Graveyard of Islam is seen on the left side.


Central photo: Neretva.

Lower photo: Soccer seems popular.



上の写真: 今回の旅行で初めてモスクを見た。



中央の写真: ネレトヴァ川。

下の写真: サッカーが盛んなようです。




< 6.  We go into the mountain valley >

< 6. いよいよ川沿いに山間地へと上って行く >


People are growing grapes as hard as possible at the dry mountain area.






< 7. Near Mostar >

< 7. モスタルに近づいた >


Central photo: Graveyard of Christianity system.

Lower photo: We can look at innumerable traces of big bullet on the outer wall of the apartment.


This continues next time.


中央の写真: キリスト教系の墓地です。

下の写真:  アパートの外壁に大きな銃弾の跡が無数に見える。





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