Went around Croatia and Slovenia 23 : Deeply scarred Town Mostar 2


クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 23: 傷痕の町モスタル 2          



< 1. Old Bridge made by stones >

< 1.石橋「スタリ・モスト」 >


Today, we go for a walk in the old town of Mostar.

This old town is a town of Muslims.







< 2. Go to the old town >

< 2. 旧市街に向かう >


Upper photo: We just go out of the parking lot.

We left it at 11 A.M.


Central and lower Photos: The street lined with souvenir shops.


上の写真: 駐車場から出るところです。



中央と下の写真: 通りには土産物屋が並ぶ。




< 3. Go to the Old bridge >

< 3.石橋に向かう >


Upper photo: When I looked back, there were many traces of bullet on the store’s wall.

Lower photo: The gate of the Old bridge.

You can see the top surface of the bridge behind the gate.


This bridge was restored in 2004 after its old bridge was destroyed by a civil war in 1993.

This was reproduced in its original condition made in the 16th century.


上の写真: 振り返ると店舗の壁に銃弾の跡がありました。

下の写真: 石橋の門です。







< 4. Views from the top of the bridge >

< 4. 石橋の上から >


Upper photo: Downstream side of Neretva river.

Central photo: Old bazaar we are going to go from now is seen. 


Lower photo: Upstream side of it.

The minaret of a mosque we are going to climb after this is seen in the center.


上の写真: ネレトヴァ川の下流側。

中央の写真: これから行く旧市街のオールド・バザールが見える。

下の写真: 上流側。





< 5. The Old bazaar >

< 5.オールド・バザール >


Mostar had prospered in trade, because it was located on a caravan route that linked the Adriatic Sea and the inland.

Mostar led to the Dubrovnik and Kotor that I already introduced.

The Old bazaar was a craftsman town that many copper craftsmen, tanners and tailors lived in.

There was an oriental atmosphere here.









< 6. Arrived at the mosque  >

< 6. モスクに来ました  >


Upper photo: We went into the yard of the mosque.

The central hexagonal building is intended for cleaning up hands and feet.


Lower photo: In front of the mosque.

This Koski Mehmed pasa Mosque made in the 16th century is famous for a beautiful prospect.


上の写真: モスクの庭内に入って来た。



下の写真: いよいよモスクに入ります。






< 7. Inside the mosque >

< 7. モスクの中 >


Upper photo: there are a hollow of wall “ mihrab”, and a step-like preacher’s pew “ mimbar”.

Central photo: The ceiling.

Lower photo: The stairs inside the minaret.


上の写真: メッカを示す壁の窪み(ミフラーブ)と階段状の説教壇(ミンバル)が見える。

中央の写真: 天井。

下の写真: ミナレットの階段。




< 8. A view from the top of the minaret >

< 8. ミナレットから見た石橋 >


It is a view of downstream side.






< 9. Views from the top of the minaret >

< 9.ミナレットからの眺め >


Upper photo: It is a view of upper streamside and the north side.

A spire on the left is a church near our parking lot.


Lower photo: I look at the old town of the east side.


This continues next time.



上の写真: 上流側で、北側です。



下の写真: 東側の旧市街を見ています。







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