Went around Croatia and Slovenia 24 : Deeply scarred Town Mostar 3

クロアチア・スロベニアを巡って 24: 傷痕の町モスタル 3



< 1. I look at the old city from a riverside restaurant of Neretva >

< 1.ネレトヴァ川沿いのレストランから旧市街を眺めた >


A sequel to the introduction of Mostar




< 2. Views of Strai Most (old bridge) from both sides >

< 2. 両側から見た石橋 >


Upper photo: A view from the yard of the mosque.

A large cross stands on the top of the mountain.

Lower photo: A view from the riverside on the downstream side.

A man just is going to jump into the river from the top of the bridge.

Each time he gets money, he jumps.

There is the jumping event annually here.

上の写真: モスクの庭からの眺め。



下の写真: 下流側の川辺から。






< 3. Visit to “Turkish house” in the old city >

< 3. 旧市街の「トルコの家」を訪ねて >


Upper photo: The minaret that we climbed can be seen.

Central photo: When we were badly bunkered as we don’t find “Turkish house” at a map of a signboard, somebody called to us from behind and taught the pathway to it.

This kind man is the left side on the photo.

I think the map indicated not “Turkish house” but “Ottoman house”.


Lower photo: “Turkish house”

When we arrived on it, we looked at only the entrance and had to return because our free time just was over.


上の写真: 私が登ったモスクのミナレットが見える。

中央の写真: 私達は看板の地図に「トルコの家」が見つからなくて困っていました。





下の写真: トルコの家。



We left Mostar and went to the next stage.






< 4. We left Mostar >

< 4. モスタルと別れる >


Lower photo: I looked back toward Mostar located in the valley from the downstream side of Neretva.

下の写真: ネレトヴァ川の下流側から谷間にあるモスタルを振り返る。





< 5. We parted from the Neretva >

< 5. ネレトヴァ川とも別れる >


We part from the Neretva at here, passed through the high plateau and went to the Adriatic Sea.






< 6. We passed through the high plateau >

< 6. 高原を抜けて >


This high plateau was a dry zone as a whole, but there also were lush green places.


On the next time, I introduce another scenery of Mostar, and Bosnian War.









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2 thoughts on “Went around Croatia and Slovenia 24 : Deeply scarred Town Mostar 3

  1. Fascinating journey.The pictures are wonderful.

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