Cruise of the Mediterranean Sea and Canary Islands 3: Milan 2

地中海クルーズとカナリア諸島クルーズ 3: ミラノ 2


< 1.   Santa Maria delle Grazie >

< 1.サンタ・マリア・デッレ・グラツィエ教会 >


I introduce “The Last Supper” of Leonardo da Vinci and the church today.






< 2. Santa Maria delle Grazie >

< 2. サンタ・マリア・デッレ・グラツィエ教会 >


This church was built over a long period of time and was completed in 1469.

After that, it was rebuilt as a mausoleum of the house of Sforza being a ruler of Milan.

It was a Gothic style, but the appearance is style of this area.








 3. “The Last Supper” of Leonardo da Vinci >

< 3. レオナルド・ダ・ビンチの「最後の晩餐」 >

Upper photo: A overall view of Santa Maria delle Grazie.  

“The Last Supper” is in the dining room of the left building.


Central photo: This wall painting is located on the opposite side of “the Last Supper.”


Lower photo: “The Last Supper”

This was completed in 1498 since the beginning in 1495, but the damage of the picture was intense because it was not drawn with a fresco.

The extensive repair work was over in 1999 and revived with the present attitude.

We can photograph without flash, but the photo is not clear because its room is dusky.


上の写真: サンタ・マリア・デッレ・グラツィエ教会の全景。



中央の写真: 「最後の晩餐」の反対側にある壁画。


下の写真: 「最後の晩餐」






< 4. “The Last Supper” >

< 4. 最後の晩餐 >

Upper photo: At the time of dinner, when Jesus told that there was a betrayer among you, the 12 apostles were upset.

The unrest was propagated in the movement of these apostle’s hands and faces.

Because the focus of the perspective drawing is on Jesus, the picture is organized in Jesus of the center.


Central photo: Jesus and Judas.

Judas of the left side is reaching for a plate.


Lower photo: The restoration image by NHK.


上の写真: 拡大図。





中央の写真: イエスとユダ。



下の写真: NHK製作の修復画。




< 5. “The last supper” by other painters >

< 5.他の画家による最後の晩餐 >

1:   The 6th century, Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna.

It is a mosaic of the Byzantine.


2: In 1447, Sant’Apollonia in Florence.

3: In 1448, Cenacolo di Ognissanti in Florence.

Judas stands alone before the table in these two pictures.


4: In 1594, by Tintoretto, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice.

Jesus having the aureola gives the apostle bread.


The work of Leonardo da Vinci propagates their tension in brief moment of the behavior of the 12 apostles.


1: 6世紀、ラヴェンナ、サンタポリナーレ・ヌオーヴォ聖堂。



2: 1447年、フィレンツェのサンタポッローニア修道院。

3: 1480年、フィレンツェのオニサンテイ聖堂。



4: 1594年、ティントレット作、ヴェネツィア、サンジョルジョ・マッジョーレ聖堂。











< 6. Works of Leonardo da Vinci >

< 6.レオナルド・ダ・ビンチの作品 >

1: In 1478, “*** portrait”.

2: In 1486, “The Virgin of the Rocks”, in Milan.

3: In 1505, “Mona Lisa”, in Florence.

4: In 1504, “The Battle of Anghiari” is a lost painting, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.


His pictures were original, and the outline of figure in portrait was not expressed by a line but with drawing the light and shade, and he didn’t give weight to dignity in the portrait.



1: 1478年、「***肖像画」。初期の作品。

2: 1486年、「岩窟の聖母」。ミラノ時代の作品。

3: 1505年、「モナリザ」。フィレンツェでの作品。

4: 1504年、「アンギアーリの戦い」。フィレンツェのヴェッキオ宮殿。







< 7. A part of Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci  >

< 7.レオナルド・ダ・ビンチの手稿 >

1: Anatomy.

2: Geometry.

3: A flying machine.

4: The drawing for a huge bronze statue of horse-riding man that he was going to build in Milan.

Most of manuscripts of 2-4 begin in the Milan times.


1: 解剖学。

2: 幾何学。

3: 飛行体。

4: ミラノに造る予定だった巨大な騎馬像の図面。




About Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

He became a pupil of a famous artist in Florence at 14 years old, and he came to the front.

From 1482 to 1499, he was invited by the ruler of Milan, and he was asked not only picture but also building, event plan, statue production.

A war broke out and he came back to Florence via Venice.

He investigated every science and engineering, but didn’t announce the result.

On the other hand, he took an active role in military engineering.











< 8. In the open space of Santa Maria delle Grazie  >

< 8.サンタ・マリア・デッレ・グラツィエ教会の広場にて >


 This continues to the next time.







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2 thoughts on “Cruise of the Mediterranean Sea and Canary Islands 3: Milan 2

  1. ここに、かの有名な「最後の晩餐」の画があるんですか(@_@)感動された事と思います(^_-)-☆

    • 残念ながら、あんまり感動しなかった。やはり美術館で見るように鮮明な絵を見たかった。修復しても限界があったようです。それでもレオナルド・ダ・ビンチは大好きなので、作品に出会えたこと満足しています。

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