Cruise of the Mediterranean Sea and Canary Islands 4: Milan 3

 地中海とカナリヤ諸島クルーズ 4: ミラノ 3


< 1. Galleria  >

< 1.ガッレリア  >


I introduce around Milan Cathedral being the center of Milan today.

I was surprised at the enormousness.








< 2. Piazza della Scala 1 >

< 2. スカラ座広場 1 >

Upper photo: Piazza della Scala.

There is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci on the left side and La Scala on the right side across the road.


Lower photo: Teatro alla Scala. 


上の写真: スカラ座広場。



下の写真: スカラ座。




< 3. Piazza della Scala 2 >

< 3.スカラ座広場 2  >

Upper photo: The statue of Leonardo da Vinci.

Lower photo: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.


上の写真: レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ像。

下の写真: ヴィットリオ・エマヌエーレ2世のガッレリア。




< 4. In the Galleria  >

< 4. ガッレリア  >

This glass-vaulted huge arcade was completed in1877.

This street with many expensive stores standing side by side connects Piazza della Scala to Piazza del Duomo.

I was impressed by the elegance and hugeness.








< 5. Piazza del Duomo  >

< 5.ドゥオモ広場  >

Upper photo: Another gate of Galleria.

Lower photo: Milan Cathedral, Duomo.


This Cathedral standing in the center of Milan dedicated to the Virgin Mary took nearly 500 years to complete in 1813, and producing the spires and decorations were finished through the 19th century.

This is a Gothic architecture and is the each second cathedral in the world in volume or area.

If it is fine, the white marble will be glittering.

A Video footage of Piazza del Duomo is 13 seconds.


上の写真: ガッレリアの出口。

下の写真: ドゥモオ。









< 6. Milan Cathedral  >

< 6. ドゥモオ  >


There are 135 spires, and a golden statue of the Virgin Mary is standing on the tallest one.






< 7. Inside Milan Cathedral 1 >

< 7.ドゥモオ内部 1 >


I felt straightening up myself by going into the forest of huge pillars, high ceiling and space of dusky light.





< 8. Inside Milan Cathedral 2  >

< 8.ドゥモオ内部 2  >

Right photo: Stained glass of the New Testament.

This is the sixth thing of the right wall from entrance gate, and was produced in the 15th century.

There are nearly 50 Stained glasses made in the 15-20th century in the cathedral, and this was bright color and it drew attention.


右の写真: 新約聖書のステンドグラス。








< 9.   Inside Milan Cathedral 3 >

< 9. ドゥモオ内部 3 >




< 10. In Galleria >

< 10. ガッレリアにて >

Upper photo: Tiles of the floor are beautiful.

Lower photo: Thing a woman is treading on is the crotch of an ox being the emblem of Turin.

There is a legend that woman becomes happiness when she will turn right round here.



A Video footage of Galleria is 17 seconds.


I introduce beautiful scenery between Milan and Genoa on the next time.



上の写真: 床のタイルが美しい。

下の写真: 女性が踏みつけているのは牡牛の股間で、トリノの紋章です。










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