Bring peace to the Middle East! 5:   Outline of conflicts in the Middle East 2


中東に平和を! 5: 中東の紛争のあらまし 2        





Today, we look at the factors of the Middle Eastern side causing the expansion of the conflict.





Flash point of internal opposition

In this area, there are countries of republican institutions, but most are monarchy or military government.

If the people demand reform, they must conflict with the despotic government, so the large-scale demonstration such as “the Arab Spring” is at the beginning.


There were invariably the severely oppressing and White Terror by Israel or the Arabic governments before the attack and suicide bombing by the radicals increased in each place.

Which started the fight first is always ambiguous, but the powerless people receive overwhelming violence by them.

There is full of hatred and distrust against each other, and it makes a situation that they cannot talk.

This situation began around the middle of the 20th century and it continues turning worse.














There is other flash point of internal opposition, too

As for ethnic antagonism, there is not only an antagonism between Palestine and Israel, but also it among Arab and Turkey and Iran, and furthermore there is a struggle for independence of Kurd.


As for the religion, there is an antagonism between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and it between Muslim and Christian in Lebanon.


Thus, each country performs a diversion and a trick to the adverse country for a territory or petroleum in addition to the mentioned antagonism, and it develops into an armed power conflict at last

The most skillful with it is maybe Israel and the Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency).














The reason why radicals increased

As the First Middle East War and the Afghan Civil War, in the Islamic world, there is a tradition that volunteer soldiers participate in a war across a border and Islamic tribes support it.


In addition, a thought of back to the source also has been in a part of Islam, and this has applied for the strict interpretation of the doctrine.

When fighting against an invader (enemy), a person of power of the Islamic world often used a word ” Jihad ” historically.

The radicals borrow these by preference.


There are two reasons why this trend increases currently.

One is that oil-producing countries of the monarchy support the radicals operating in other countries.

In particular, Saudi Arabia has a deep connection with a radical since the birth of the nation.

Another one is that the whole Arab have expected for the Islamic Renaissance since about 1980, as reaction in despair about the policy (modernization, westernization) of the previous nationalism.

















Further geopolitical reason

The Middle East was a strategic point linking the east and west from ancient times, and became a ground of a struggle for ruling power due to being the point of contact of each continent.

Furthermore, petroleum and Palestinian issue affected it, so Europe, the Soviet Union, and the United States increased the interference and support.

Thus, The most countries of the Middle East nears the top of country importing weapons in the world, excepting large countries such as China, and became the major consuming areas of weapons.


Over the past century, oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries is enabling the maintenance of monarchy and reinforcement of armaments, by keeping close friendship with European nations and the United States.

This becomes a reason why the radicals increased and Arab countries split.











It becomes a remote cause of the conflict of the Middle East in the early 20th century that a Jew began settling in Jerusalem.

Originally, Arab was nomad in desert, and had not border and nation awareness.

However, suddenly the borders of straight lines were drawn, their ground was divided in pieces, and they were imposed king and the territory upon.

This was an ending of the colonial policy of Britain and France that began at the middle of the 19th century.


This continues next time.














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