Bring peace to the Middle East! 6: A popular book 1

中東に平和を! 6: 人気がある本 1




< 1. The book >

< 1. 本  >



Today, I introduce a popular book,” What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response”




Summary of this book

The author is Bernard Lewis, and he is an authority in the history study of the Middle East in the U.S.A.

The following summary of this book is a quote from a comment of the translation supervisor, Akira Usuki.


“ In the first place, Islamic world had an advanced civilization, and actually, was superior to the politics, economy, military and culture of the Christendom of Europe.

However, the Muslim have been satisfied with the world of their self-centeredness, ignored the modernization such as the technology development that Europe accomplished, and have delayed.

Coming into the 19th century, Islamic world experienced the colonization by the European Great Powers.


In the result, Muslim did not change oneself, and directed their ire toward the European colonialism first.

And next, they do it toward the United States after the World War II.

The author says that they haven’t made effort to reorganize oneself. ”














< 2. A street corner of Arab >

< 2. アラブの街角 >


Something that existed in the background of this book

The book became a bestseller of the consecutive top for 15 weeks in the New York Times in 2002.

When I saw the current evaluation for this book in English version of, it was 3.5, and the number of the reviews was 190.

It is still strongly popular.


This book is easy to read because it is a jumble of several lectures, but lacks coherence.

However, some fanatics will be encouraged by his encyclopedic knowledge and straightforward explanation.

This is the best book for certain people.













< 3. September 11 attacks and neo-conservatives  >

< 3. 同時多発テロとネオコン >


Upon receiving the news of ”the September 11 attacks in 2001″, the advice from the author about the Middle Eastern policy was very appreciated by Vice President Cheney.

He was an instructor of the neo-conservatives (neo-con) of the Bush administration in those days.

When the fighting spirit became heated in the United States and the United States began to invade Afghan, and next would do Iraq, this book was just published.


He seemed to have converted to an adviser of the Middle Eastern policy from a historian since about 1980s.

In these days, Israel had won the Arab–Israeli conflict, invaded Lebanon, massacred refugees in it, and made PLO weaken.

But Israel came to receive criticism strongly from the world and Arab.

He was a Jewish family.











< 4. Palestine Liberation Organization >

< 4. PLO >


My impression

I strongly felt prejudice and searing commentary that we have never seen in books written by well-known historian, especially because the author used the one-sided exposition.

However, on the other hand, his indication about the Arab world includes some things that I cannot ignore.

I strongly thought that I must write this serialization when I read this book.


On the next time, I examine the main point about his indication.













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