Bring peace to the Middle East! 7: A popular book 2

中東に平和を! 7: 人気がある本 2



< 1. The first President Ataturk of Turkey >

< 1.トルコの初代大統領アタチュルク >


I examine again above-referenced book “ What Went Wrong? Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response”



Disappointing result of this book

The author in this book radically despises the Islamic society of the Middle East.

He introduces poor performances that the administration officials of the past Islamic nations did in the diplomacy or the politics, and so he induces laughter.

Most of Westerner taking pride in advanced society may recognize the Islamic society is stagnation.

However, his book has unfair writing style that you cannot see in normal history book.

For example, as for apprehending the society, he picks up some trifling anecdotes from the Ottoman Empire several hundred years ago, and doesn’t describe it with a holistic approach such as economy, and therefore it becomes emotional.

If modern Japan is evaluated as an underdeveloped country by an anecdote of the Edo Period, can Japanese understand it?












< 2. Istanbul was a capital of Ottoman Empire >

< 2. オスマン帝国の首都だったイスタンブール >


Let us say that there will be bad political culture that keeps on living in the present day in the Islamic world.

If so, from hopeless Ottoman Empire, why would a republican system of government be born?

Moreover, it had secular politics, separation of power, creation of a constitution, and woman’s suffrage.

And Turkey developed the economy smoothly.


Here, the author says, “ The success was largely due to that Ataturk had had a Western air.”

On the other hand, he presses the reason that Arab cannot modernize, because Arab hates westernization, being unlike a Turk.

Such a self-serving argument is seen everywhere.


In other words, he uses any topic for criticism, but completely ignores the result that you should recognize.

However, unfortunately, this book became a bestseller in the United States.


The society that he should curse with is not large Islamic world, but the Middle East then Arab being Israeli enemy.
















< 3. Royal families of Saudi Arabia>

< 3. サウジ王家 >


However, his indication about the Middle East is important

  1. Lack of civil society (p166, explanatory notes 1): It is inclined toward authoritarian monarchy and dictatorial government.
  2. Lack of tolerance (p170): It punishes severely Islamic law violator.
  3. Backlash against laicism (p159): It dislikes separation of church and state, and desires to back to the source of Islam.
  4. Backlash against Western Europe (p235): To hate Western Europe is to shut an only modernization.
  5. Can’t do self-criticism (p252): It attribute current slump of Arab to the European and American developed country.




A 市民社会の欠如(p166、注釈1): 権威主義的で王制や独裁制に陥り易い。

B 寛容性の欠如(p170): イスラム法違反に厳しく、寛容性を持たない。

C 世俗主義への反発(p159): 政教分離を嫌い、イスラム教の原点回帰を望む。

D 西欧への反発(p235): 西欧を嫌悪することは、唯一の近代化を閉ざす。

E 自己批判が出来ない(p252): 現在のアラブの低迷を欧米先進国のせいにする。



< 4. Bourkha of Islamic clothes  >

< 4. イスラムの風習ブルカ >


What is on the authorial mind seems following opinion.

“ Decaying Arab has held unjust hostile sentiments against Western Europe, and has given birth to terrorism.

We should fight them firmly.”


I will explain about the error of his indication, and the background later.


This continues next time.


Explanatory notes1: The number is the page of the Japanese edition book with mention of related matters.










注釈1: 関連事項の記載がある日本語版著書のページ。





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2 thoughts on “Bring peace to the Middle East! 7: A popular book 2

  1. When kingdom come then will be peace in the Middle East.

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