Bring peace to the Middle East! 8: Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 1: The beginning

中東に平和を! 8: 映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 1: はじめに



< 1. A scene of Lawrence of Arabia (film) >

< 1. アラビアのロレンスの1場面 >


Did you see two films, “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Schindler’s List”?

We approach the heart of the Middle East and Arab world through some films in installments from now on.

I easily introduce these films today.






The beginning

By these films, we can feel an intimate connection with the current problems or history that this area has its own burden of.

I comment on the point of the history and society by using these films.








< 2. Map showing the setting of these films >

< 2. 映画の舞台 >

The number in the map is number of the film.





Films that I will introduce




  • * 3


  1. “Lawrence of Arabia”

Production: The United Kingdom, in 1962.

Contents: A fictionalization of true-life epic historical story.

The setting is Saudi Arabia in 1916-1918 of the last of the World War I.

British army officer Lawrence led a revolt of Arab, and led to the Ottoman Empire collapse from the rear.

All borders of the Middle East and Arab will have been decided after this.


1 映画「アラビアのロレンス」

制作: 英国、1962年。

内容: 実話を映画化。





  • * 4


  1. “Schindler’s List”

Production: The United Sates, in 1993.

Contents: A fictionalization of true-life historical story.

The setting is an occupied territory by Germany army in Eastern Europe during the World War II.

A German businessman Schindler saved the life of 1,100 Jews of the employee.

Part of them wished to go to Israel as a new world.


2 映画「シンドラーのリスト」

制作: 米国、1993年。

内容: 実話を映画化。






  • * 5


  1. “The Four Feathers”

Production: The United Sates and the United Kingdom, in 2002.

Contents: A fictionalization of a novel.

The setting is the Sudan in North East Africa and the United Kingdom in the last of the 19th century.

One young army officer is torn between irrational domination in Africa by the U.K. and friends fighting the battlefield.



3 映画「サハラに舞う羽根」

制作: 英米合作、2002年。

内容: 小説の映画化。





< 6. “The Wind and the Lion” and “Ertuğrul 1890” >

< 6. 「風とライオン」と「海難1890」 >


  1. “The Wind and the Lion”

Production: The United Sates, in 1975.

Contents: Fictionalization of a fighting story of true-life man.

This setting is Morocco that Europe and America have intervened in the early 20th century.

Berber, the head of a family, that rose in rebellion but he was defeated at last.


4 映画「風とライオン」

制作: 米国、1975年。

内容: 実在の人物を題材にした映画。



  1. “Ertuğrul 1890”

Production: Japan and Turkey, in 2015.

Contents: Fictionalization connected two true-life historical stories.

In 1985 at the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war, only Turkey sent a rescue airplane and saved many Japanese.

This is perhaps a repayment to Japanese villagers having rescued crews from the Turkish warship that went onto rocks in the coast of Wakayama in 1890.


5 映画「海難」

制作: 日本・トルコ合作、2015年。

内容: 二つの実話を結びつけた映画。






  • * 7


  1. “Terraferma”

Production: Italy and France, in 2011.

Contents: Fiction.

This setting is in the present day, and is a small island being crowded with tourists in southern Italy.

The story started when young fisherman rescued refugees who had drifted here from Africa.



6 映画「海と大陸」

制作: イタリア、2011年。

内容: 舞台は現代、イタリア南部の観光で賑わう小さな島で、若い漁師がアフリカから流れついた難民を救ったことから話は展開する。




  • * 8


  1. “The Other Son”

Production: France, in 2012.

Contents: Fiction.

This setting is modern Israel, and one fact suddenly plunged two families of Palestine and Israel into emotional turmoil.

It was that the two family’s sons were switched at birth.


This continues next time.


7 映画「もうひとりの息子」

制作: フランス、2012年。

内容: 舞台は現代のイスラエルで、ある事実がパレスチナとイスラエルの二つの家族を深い葛藤へと陥れた。









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4 thoughts on “Bring peace to the Middle East! 8: Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 1: The beginning

  1. 映画は好きです、勉強にもなります。

  2. Great movie.

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