Visiting from Tajima shore to Tango Peninsula 2:  Hot spring resort 1


但馬海岸から丹後半島を巡って 2: 温泉 1





Today, I introduce Yumura Onsen where we visited and a Japanese inn having hot spring.





< 2. the center of Yumura Onsen >

< 2. 湯村温泉の中心 >

Upper photo: you can see a source of hot spring “Ara-yu” by the left side on the river.

上の写真: 川の左側に「荒湯」と足湯が見えます。


About Yumura Onsen 

There is this traditional hot-spring resort along a mountain stream in Hyogo prefecture.

If you descend about 10 km from here, can reach the nice-looking Sea of Japan.

This place is within deep mountains having good skiing area in this neighborhood.

You can enjoy ski and crab dish in winter, and do sea bathing in summer.









< 3. a source of hot spring “Ara-yu” >

< 3. 荒湯 >

Lower photo: local persons boil eggs or vegetables in this hot spring of high temperature like wells.

下の写真: 地元の人がこの高温の熱泉で卵や野菜をゆでている。




< 4. nearby places for a stroll >

< 4. 近くの散策ポイント >

Upper photo: “Yumechiyo” statue.

This is a central character of a NHK drama that was located in this hot spring.

“Ara-yu” is seen on the other side of the river.


Lower photo: Syofukuji temple with a splendid tower gate.


上の写真: 夢千代像。




下の写真: 立派な楼門がある正福寺。




< 5. views from heights >

< 5. 高台からの眺め >

Upper photo: I overlooked the hot spring resort on the north side from an observation deck of Kiyomasa Park.

Lower photo: I saw mountains on the south side from our room of the inn.


上の写真: 清正公園展望台から北側の温泉街を見下ろす。

下の写真: 旅館の部屋から、南側の山岳部を望む。



I introduce the hot spring and morning bath of our inn.



< 6. the hot spring “Tenjin no yu” >

< 6. 旅館の温泉「天神の湯」 >

Upper photo: the bathhouse “Tenjin no yu” was detached from a main building and was built one step higher.

Lower photo: the corridor that leads to the bathhouse from the main building.


The inn also has a big bathhouse ” Atago no yu” in the main building, but I introduce only this “Tenjin no yu” because this detached bathhouse is splendid.

The guest changes the use of two bathhouses at morning and at night.


上の写真: 右側の一段高い所にある離れの浴場「天神の湯」の外観。

下の写真: 本館からその浴場に通じる廊下。







< 7.   Indoor bath >

< 7. 屋内の風呂 >

There are outdoor baths and indoor baths in this detached bathhouse.

These two baths are a part of the indoor baths.









< 8. two open-air baths >

< 8. 二つの露天風呂 >

Upper photo: a bath that a source of hot spring discharges into is surrounded by a bamboo grove.

Lower photo: A bath with good views is located in the downstream.


上の写真: 竹林に囲まれた源泉側のお風呂。

下の写真: その下流にある展望風呂。







< 9. artistic bath 1 >

< 9. お風呂の風情 1 >

Upper photo: I look at the bath on the downstream side from the bath of the source side.

Lower photo: This small stream is a flow of hot water.


In this hot spring, a large quantity of hot water is flowing constantly.


上の写真: 源泉側の風呂から下流側の風呂を見る。

下の写真: この小川が湯の流れです。






< 10. artistic bath 2 >

< 10. お風呂の風情 2 >


Probably Japanese age guests will take a bath before a dinner, before going to bed, and also in next morning.

If it is open-air bath of hot spring, it is the best.


You are feeling a chill in your face, soaking in hot water in a cloud of steam, and seeing the trees of neighboring mountains that is shining by a morning sun.This will take you to a healing time.

“Namuamidabutsu, Na-muamidabu.”


This continues to next time.

















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