Bring peace to the Middle East! 15: Seeing the Middle East and Arab world in films 8: Refugee issue 1


中東に平和を! 15: 映画に見る中東とアラブ世界 8: 難民問題 1



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I consider refugee issue in twice from now on.

We look at various migrations at first.






History of human migrations (Note 1)

Our Homo sapiens spread throughout this earth along with migrating for hundred thousands years from the birth.

Most of great transmigration of race was caused by each climate change, it arose on several occasions, and the migration spread like playing billiard. (Note 2)

In ancient times, an Assyrian and a Greek emigrated far and wide to enlarge their commercial domain. (Note 3)

In the middle Ages, a German actively colonized Eastern Europe.

By these results, our ancestors had many parents of different ethnic groups all over the world, and these traces remain in our gene.

This is shown in figure 2.


European 60 million people left the mother country and emigrated between the 19th and the 20th century.

In Japan, 3,200,000 people except soldier returned home by this defeat from the emigration area.

About million people emigrated all over the world in 2005.



移住の歴史 注釈1.














< 2. Human migrations and Japanese race >

< 2. 人類の移動と日本民族 >

Upper map: a history of human migrations supposed by genes.

The numerical values indicate how many years ago.


Lower map: we are able to understand the roots of Japanese people by our genetic variation.

The blue line shows current Japanese people, and others show an African or a European.

During this 150 thousands years, Japanese ancestors had many parents of different ethnic groups all over the world, and came in the Japanese Archipelago on several occasions.

Because Japan of an island is so, people of the world are of more mixed parentage.


上の地図: 遺伝子から推測した人類移動史。



下の地図: 遺伝子の変異からわかる日本人のルーツ。







< 3. emigrants reached New York >

< 3. ニューヨークに着いた移民 >




< 4. how America’s source of immigrants has changed over time between 1850-2013 >

< 4. 各州で最大を占めるアメリカ移民の母国、1850~2013年の間の変遷 >



What the migration brings

Immigrant was indispensable for the development of the United States, and approximately 70 million people entered this country in the past two centuries.

President Kennedy who was a grandchild of immigrant spoke it in this way.

“…. The society of imigrants who began the new life. … The country of people having courage to investigate new frontier. …. This is the secret of the United States’s success.”


Merchants of overseas Chinese, an Arab, an Indian, and a Jew jumped to the world and played an active part.

In ante-Christum, Propagation would have been late if a Jew hadn’t translated the Bible into Greek in Alexandria. (Note 4)

In the middle ages, the Renaissance might not have blossomed in Europe if there weren’t a Christian that escaped in Baghdad, and an Arab in Toledo.   (Note 5)

How would this society and culture of Japan have turned out if immigrants never have come to this island from beyond the sea?


In the 19th century, France having been hurt for labor shortage accepted quickly immigrants from the neighboring countries, and also did it from Algeria in early the 20th century.

The ratio of foreigners in the total population of France was 1% of 1851 and 6% of 2006.

Europe and America accepted many emigrant laborers positively to make up for the population decline due to the drop of the birth rate, and enabled economic growth.

Each country needed the immigrant who could receive dangerous, dirty, and difficult jobs at a low price.

EU that aimed for an ideal confederation of states wanted to cancel the economic disparity of each country, and person and capital could move freely within the region.


The motives of migrations are to escape from war, famine, or persecution, and for trade or working.

This doesn’t disappear from the world in the least.

There would not be the present world if migrations were not possible at all.


This continues next time.






「・・新しい人生を始めた移民の社会。・・新たなフロンティアを探る勇気を持った人たちの国… それがアメリカの成功の秘密である」



















注釈1: 人々の移動を指す用語には移住、移民、難民、殖民、居留民などがあり、少しずつ意味が異なりますが、最も広い意味を持つ移住を使います。


注釈2: 有名なのはアーリア人やゲルマン人の民族移動などです。




注釈3: 少し時代は下りますが、華僑(中国人)や倭寇(日本人)は主に商業や貿易が目的で移住しました。


注釈4: 当時、貿易都市アレクサンドリアには多くの外国商人がおり、ギリシャ語が普及していました。



注釈5: ルネサンスが始まったのは古代ギリシャの文献が、中東アラブからスペインやイタリアを通じてヨーロッパに紹介されたのが切っ掛けでした。






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