Visiting from Tajima shore to Tango Peninsula 4: Pleasure boat of Tajima shore

但馬海岸から丹後半島を巡って 4: 但馬海岸の遊覧船



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We went around Tajima shore of San’in Kaigan Global Geopark with a pleasure boat on May 13, 2016.

On this day, it was fine, and I enjoyed watching various strangely shaped rocks along with being blown by a sea breeze.







< 2. map >

< 2.地図 >

Upper photo: the green range is San’in Kaigan Global Geopark, and spans about 100 km from east to west.

Two yellow wide arrows indicate each range of below two maps, and three blue arrows do the Hamasaka port that our Pleasure boat sailed from.


Lower photo: this satellite photo is a view from the north side.

A blue long oval shows the range of the pleasure boat.

We did a round trip of embarkation along the shoreline of approximately 9 km for 50 minutes from 10:00.


上の地図: 緑色の範囲が東西100kmに及ぶ山陰海岸ジオパークです。



下の地図: この衛星写真は北側から見ています。







< 3. finally start >

< 3. いざ出発 >

Upper photo: our boarding boat was new glass-bottom boat.

Central photo: Hamasaka Port and the cityscape that we sailed now.

Lower photo: The rugged cliff that we see first.


上の写真: 乗船した遊覧船は新造されたばかりのグラスボートでした。

真ん中の写真: 今、出航して来た浜坂港と町並みが見える。

下の写真: 最初に見に入る荒々しい崖。




< 4. strangely shaped rocks >

< 4. 奇岩 >

Lower photo: The pattern of dislocation of the rocks running perpendicularly is similar to a dragon ascending to the sky.


上の写真: 鬼門岬。

下の写真: 竜宮洞門。




About San’in Kaigan Global Geopark

These beautiful appearances of shore are constructed from various rocks, which had been created by the volcanic activity, and were changed by repeated mountain making and the abrasive action.

The Japanese archipelago began to separate from a continent since 23 million years ago, and the Sea of Japan was made before long.

It can be said that this scenery and rich and varied seafood are created in this process.










< 5. rock reef >

< 5.田井 >


This place is dotted with many rocks and fish and seaweed are rich.


上の写真: 田井の浜。

下の二枚の写真: 田井の松島。





< 6. best fishing spot >

< 6.絶好の釣り場 >





< 7. islands and sea caves >

< 7.島と洞門 >

Upper photo: Mio Oshima Island.

Lower photo: Shitaara Sea Cave.


上の写真: 三尾大島。

下の写真: 下荒洞門。




< 8. Shitaara Sea Cave >

< 8.下荒洞門 >

Upper photo: A cave of the front made by erosion passes till the left side surface (photo below).

A canoe can pass through this cave.


上の写真: 海食で出来た正面の洞穴が、左側面(下の写真)まで抜けている。






< 9. cape and sea cave >

< 9.鋸岬と旭洞門 >

Upper photo: a white point in the middle of the cape is a sea cave of the lower photo.


Our boat doubled back here.


上の写真: 岬の真ん中に見える白い点は下の写真の旭洞門です。






< 10. we returned >

< 10. 戻って来ました >

Hamasaka Port is seen in the distant place.



This video footage from pleasure boat is 17 seconds.



This continues next time.





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