Visiting from Tajima shore to Tango Peninsula 5: went along Tajima shore

但馬海岸から丹後半島を巡って 5: 但馬海岸を行く



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Today, I introduce the scenery from Yumura Onsen to the estuary of Maruyama River.

We saw fisherman villages and beaches while we drove through mountain villages and drove along Tajima shore.






< 2. sightseeing map >

< 2. 観光地図 >


Two red markings show Yumura Onsen and Hamasaka Port that I already introduced.

A-F in the map is mainly spots that I took a picture.








< 3. a shrine by a mountain village, A of the map >

< 3. 金屋と熊野神社、地図番号A >


On the way to Hamasaka port from Yumura Onsen, there was original scenery of Japan.

The shrine was in the deep forest by a small village.







< 4. Amarube, B of map >

< 4. あまるべ、地図番号B >


Formerly, the railroad bridging of the right hand was famous for beautiful iron bridge, but it was reshaped since a train fall accident of 30 years ago.






< 5. Kasumi, C of map >

< 5. 香住、地図番号C >


This port town was crowded with crabbing in winter, but was empty at this time.

We had lunch in tribute to crab here.

The sky began to cloud over suddenly.







< 6. spots near to Kasumi port >

< 6. 香住港の近く >


Two lower photos, D of map: a bathing beach.

下2枚の写真、地図番号D: 佐津海水浴場。



< 7. neighborhoods of Takeno beach >

< 7. 竹野浜付近 >

Lower photo, E of map: Takeno bathing beach.

下の写真、地図番号E: 竹野浜海水浴場。


In the summer about 30 years ago, I came here for sea bathing with my family well.

And I came to Kannabe Kogen of this mountainside for skiing in winter.

I brought back pleasant memories.







< 8.  neighborhoods of the estuary of Maruyama River >

< 8. 円山川の河口付近を望む >


Upper photo, F of map: the shoreline of Tango Peninsula extends in the back.


Now this sea is calm, but this Sea of Japan becomes stormy in winter.

Thereby, this shoreline becomes rugged, and this sea near to the deep mountains brings rich food.

However, the fisherman must fish at the risk of life.


This continues next time.



上の写真、地図番号F: この奥に丹後半島の海岸線が延びています。

下の写真: この険しい崖の松の木に隼が生息している。










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  1. こんにちは(^^♪

  2. Amazing pictures, beautiful nature.

  3. Hi Aqua, beautiful pictures! And thank you for the follow!

  4. Very beautiful coast!!! I can’t wait for some water beauty in Japan.

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