Visiting from Tajima shore to Tango Peninsula 9:  Visiting Tango Peninsula 1


但馬海岸から丹後半島を巡って 9: 丹後半島を巡る 1



< 1. The island of Taiza fishing village >
< 1. 間人(たいざ)の城島 >

From today, I introduce Tango Peninsula in North Kyoto.


< 2. maps of Tango Peninsula and Amino >
< 2. 丹後半島と網野の地図 >
Upper map: the red line is our route of Tango Peninsula.
The top of the map shows the north.
Today, I introduce No. 1 Amino, No. 2 Taiza, and No. 3 Tateiwa rock.

Lower map: this is a satellite photo that is a expansion of Amino (NO.1) in the upper map.
The top of the map shows the south.
No. 1 is the ancient burial mound of Choshi mountain I introduce today.
NO.2 is a peninsula with an ancient burial mound in the lake, NO.3 is the beach, and No. 4 is Amino fishing port that I introduced previous time.

上の地図: 赤線が私達がドライブした丹後半島のコースです。

下の図: 上図のNO.1の網野を拡大した衛星写真です。


< 3.  the ancient burial mound of Choshi mountain >
< 3. 銚子山古墳 >
Upper map: this ancient burial mound was built on the edge of the small hill at the end of fourth century.
The top of the map shows the north.
We walked along the brown line.

Lower map: a detailed map of the ancient burial mound.
The large keyhole-shaped tomb mound in the center is 200 meters in the total length, 20 meters in height, and has two small ancient burial mounds at the both sides.
This ancient burial mound is the largest in the Sea of Japan side, and “ three ancient burial mounds by the Sea of the Japan” including it are all in this Tango Peninsula.

It suggests this area were connected to Yamato sovereignty in Nara, and this king had extensive authority.
In addition, we saw this area were connected with the continent at previous time.

上の地図: この古墳は小高い丘の端に、4世紀末に造られた。

下の地図: 古墳の詳細図。





< 4. walking on the top of the ancient burial mound  >
< 4.古墳の頂上を歩く >
Upper photo: walking the northeast side of the burial mound.
You can see the steps at the end of the road.

Lower photo: a view of top like circle mound from under the steps.

上の写真: 古墳の前方部(北東側)を歩いている。

下の写真: 階段下から後円部の頂上を見ている。



< 5. Views from the burial mound  >
< 5. 古墳からの眺め >
Upper photo: a view of seaside from the circle mound.
When it was built, under this mountain was a lagoon.

Lower photo: a view of the mountain side (southeast side) from the road.

上の写真: 後円部頂上から海側を見ている。

下の写真: 前方部から山側(東南側)を見ている。


< 6. seashore on the way to Taiza >
< 6. 間人までの海岸 >
Upper photo: a small hill thrusting into the sea is around Taiza.
Lower photo: looking back at our road from Taiza.

上の写真: 海に突き出した小山が間人の城島です。
下の写真: 間人側から来た道を振り返る。



< 7.  Taiza fishing village >
< 7. 間人(たいざ) >
Upper photo: a small island connecting the village with a bridge.
Central photo: a shrine in the island.
Lower photo: the fishing port.

This port is famous for snow crab, and this area has many legends concerning Prince Shotoku ( the 6th -7th century).
In addition, there was once a custom of facing a dead person toward continent and burying it.
This also indicates the connection with an Imperial Court of Nara in ancient times and with the continent.

上の写真: 城島。
中央の写真: 城島の神社。
下の写真:  間人漁港。




<  8. inlet of the port >
< 8. 間人の入り江 >
we see colorful seaweeds in pellucid seawater.



< 9.  going a circuit of the island >
< 9. 島を一周 >


< 10. Tateiwa rock >
< 10.立岩 >

I was often surprised when I went round this peninsula without preparing.
This secluded area facing the Sea of Japan had ever the connection with continent and ancient Nara.
I find an ancient romance in original scenery of Japan.

This continues the next time.

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