Bring peace to the Middle East! 23: about terrorism 3 : the background 1

中東に平和を! 23: テロについて3: その背景 1




We again look at the internal conditions of Egypt, and the background for intensification of the armed struggle in the Middle East.


What was Egypt’s next move?
In 1970, Sadat of the same officer corps took office as the President after sudden death of Nasser.
At the time, Egypt had suffered economically as a result of the complete defeat in the Middle East war of six years ago, and the North Yemen civil war that Egypt sent most troops became bogged down, and it was the worst.
Therefore, he made ready careful and waged the fourth Middle East war in 1973, and he could take advantage during the beginning of the war.
However, as Israel recovered before long, the war reached a cease-fire by the mediation of United Nations and U.S.
Until this time, Sadat had a strategy victory.



< 2. Camp David Accord. From the left side, delegates of Israel, the U.S., and Egypt  >
< 2. キャンプ・デービッド合意、左からイスラエル、米国、エジプトの代表 >

And he first concluded a peace treaty with Israel in Arab by Camp David Accord in 1978, and won Nobel Peace prize with the Israel prime minister.
This was impossible without the effort of the U.S. President, but became just like speculation of Israel that provoked it.
With this, he recovered Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal, but forsook the Palestinian independence that was an earnest desire of Arab.
Sadat aroused an antipathy of people, the Arabic countries sent a letter breaking off to him, and he was assassinated at last.



< 3.  Israeli military >
< 3.イスラエル軍 >

In this time, what was taking place in the Middle East?
The repeated Middle East war caused a vast cost of war burden and internal trouble, and Egypt and the neighboring Arabic countries became weakened.
On the other hand, Israel became more and more great power.
Furthermore, the modernization and the socialist state construction that Nasser promoted caused autocracy and corruption.
Thus, the secularization of Nasser who aimed at the pan-Arabism (unification of Arab) and the complete independence from colony was considered failure.
The fall of leader Egypt showed that armed forces of the Arabic countries could not beat Israel anymore.
Extremists who already fought for liberation in Palestine had to depend on themselves alone.




< 4. Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries  >
< 4. 非同盟諸国会議 >
Why did Egypt dig itself into a hole?
Nasser regained the rule of Egypt in their own race after 2300 years, abolished a landlord system that was a corrupt practice and pushed forward the modernization daringly.
Furthermore, he repelled the intervention of suzerain Britain and France alone, supported the independence of each Arabic country and fought against Israel for Palestine.

But Nasser was decisively disadvantageous.
His supporting independent movements of the Arabic countries and having nonalignment policy was so obtrusive behavior for the U.S. that wanted to contain Soviet Union, and for Britain and France that had regrets about the Middle East.
Therefore, they not only bother him, but also the financial support and the military aid to Egypt were outrageous even if he wanted.
This let Nasser be nearer to the Soviet Union.
On the other hand, they enough supported Israel with arms supplies and atomic energy, because the Britain and France wanted to suppress Egypt and the U.S. could not go against a Jewish lobby group.
And world Jewish wealth was poured for supporting Israel.
Egypt did not have the prospects of success, because the Industry was undeveloped and only had a small amount of oil production.
Still, Nasser and Sadat fought alone.

Nasser performed the report of the war results being further from the truth in the Third Middle Eastern War in desperation.
He announced that the cause of the defeat was an assistance of the U.S. and hidden strategy.
There was arms supplies from the U.S. , but the hidden strategy was groundless.
This not only dishonored Nasser but also rose more a hatred for the Europe and America.

This continues the next time.




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