Bring peace to the Middle East! 25: about terrorism 5 : Various assassination

中東に平和を! 25: テロについて 5: 様々な暗殺 

< 1. This movie describes scene attacking Osama bin Laden >
< 1.ビンラディン襲撃の映画 >

From now on, I introduce opposite terrorism, the assassination of government.
This terrorism conceals horrible unlike assassination of extremists.



< 2. Prime Minister Rabin had set out the promotion of their peace >
< 2. 和平推進を目指したラビン首相 >

Various assassination
The assassination of Osama bin Laden in 2011 is the most well known.
American Special Forces made a surprise attack on his residence of Pakistan, and killed him with his family.
Many countries and people felt a sense of relief as soon as knowing that the maniac was crossed out.

In 1995, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in a peace rally of Tel Aviv.
Rabin signed the Oslo accords (1993) accepting an autonomous government of Palestine with PLO and had promoted their peace.
The criminal was an Israeli student and wanted to prevent the peace that would surrender the land of Israel to them as a religious Jew.
As a result, Israel and Palestine mutually took tough measures, and the peace faded away.
In the past, two private citizens of the both countries that were aimed at achieving the peace together were assassinated by Israeli side, too.

When a Hamas’s leader was driving on a way in Gaza city in August, 2003, a helicopter of the Israeli military attacked it by the missile strike and killed him.
Therefore, ” a pause of attacking against Israel ” that Hamas declared two months ago was canceled.
The United States, EU, Russia, and the United Nations together advanced “road map” for the peace plan in this April, and Israel and Palestine accepted the measures that they should carry out respectively.
However, exchanges of violence were triggered by this accident, and it did not advance at all.

In the 2000s, the assassinations of leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah happened almost every year, and the criminal is unknown.
However, it is widely believed to be the offense of Mossad (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations).





< 3. Suspects of assassination of an Hamas’s leader in 2010 >
< 3. 2010年のハマス幹部暗殺の容疑者 >

What is the problem?
When we know the assassination in news, we are preoccupied with the brutality, but have to look at the aim and influence of the assassination.

The aim of the assassination concerning the Middle East is artful and changed.
The assassination by Islamic extremist began with it of important dignitary like Sadat killing in 1981, but went to the direction of killing the private citizens of Europe and America like the September 11 attacks in 2001.
They began it to balk the governmental plan, but understood it was fruitless.
Then they changed the strategy to expel the armaments of Europe and America.
On the other hand, some former extremist’s leaders advocate nonviolence, because the terrorism only invited needless bloodshed of Muslim. Annotation 1.

Their assassination and suicide attack includes the act of a fanatic and a lone murderer in the part, but most of criminals think it as political and strategic means.

Of course, terrorism has been carried out as means of battle for a long time all over the world.

The assassination by government (the White Terror) is particularly strong in the strategic aspect, but we are hard to know it.
It is because most of crimes are performed behind closed doors thoroughly.








< 4. Mark and evaluation of Mossad >
< 4. モサドのマークと評価 >

If I look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the assassination, interference work, and provocative act by Israeli side ( government, military, or Mossad) are really skillful as strategy.
They carry out terrorism with using newest technology and weapon under the cover of darkness as if not to attract attention, prevent the peace agreement, and expand the rule of Israel.
The activity of Mossad is coveted by person emphasizing intelligence-gathering activity, but the act of tearing the peace along with disrupting a way of knowing the truth is abnormal.

We can understand the actual situation of the conflict by knowing about the terrorism of government.

I introduce a part of the secret maneuvers of Mossad the next time.






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