Bring peace to the Middle East! 26: about terrorism 6 : maneuver secretly in Mossad

中東に平和を! 26: テロについて 6: モサドの暗躍

< 1. Dagan was former Director of the Mossad >
< 1. モサド長官ダガン >

I introduce Israeli Mossad that is famous of the best intelligence service or a terror group of the government.
What does the maneuver secretly to exceed the cloak-and-dagger film bring us?
We look at the subversive activities against the nuclear development of Iran as an example.




< 2. Iranian president Ahmadinejad and centrifuges >
< 2.アハマディネジャド大統領と遠心分離機 >

Iran joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of 1970 from the beginning, and aimed at nuclear power generation construction under the cooperation of the U.S.
However, when Iran Islamic Revolution happened in 1976, Europe and America broke cooperating on the atomic plan, and Iran independently continued the nuclear development.
The United Nations with a focus on Europe and America asked Iran to stop it as nuclear weapon development, and performed sanctions.
Above all, Israel decidedly acted to prevent the nuclear development of Iran, and the U.S. tuned to it, too.
In 2015, an agreement was reached between the U.S. and Iran by leadership of the U.S. , and Iran maintained the ability for nuclear development, but reduced nuclear sites.

There is not a conclusive evidence of the nuclear weapon development of Iran, and Iran denies.

On the other hand, Israel has said uncertainly the possession of nuclear weapons strategically, but the world considers it is a nuclear nation and holds more than 100 warheads.
Only Israel does not join the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East and does not accept an inspection of IAEA.
Israel is considered to be a nuclear nation since 1969 by cooperation of France.







< 3. fear of Iran’s nuclear development, by Ventura Country Star in 2006 >
< 3.イラン核開発の恐怖、 by Ventura Country Star in 2006 >


Mossad produced successful results to prevent the nuclear development of Iran
In 2002, Dagan took up the post of Director of Mossad by being implored.
Israeli Prime Minister Sharon called him ” the man hides a dagger in mouth”.
In 2010 before his retirement, the Egyptian newspaper reported in this way.
”If there is not Dagan, Iran’s nuclear plan would be completed several years ago. There is not person that does not know Dagan in the Iranian national leadership.”

When a man was going to enter his house of south Tehran in 2011, he was shot dead.
He was a physics professor, and seemed to be a head of development of electronic switch of nuclear warhead.
In 2010, two cars that two couples of nuclear scientists and wives separately rode on were running in Tehran, and these cars exploded at the same time.
The head of scientific section in charge of the nuclear plan in Iran died instantly, other three persons got injured, and another scientist became the Vice President after return.
In the same year, a large explosion took place as soon as a professor in Faculty of Engineering opened car door for attendance, and he died.
In 2007, Iranian government announced that a professor of electromagnetism died in an accident at home, but actually he was killed with radioactive poison.
It is said that the two persons were concerned with a nuclear plan together.
This kind of assassination was also carried out in the early 1980s.

The beginning of the subversive activities that Dagan led was February, 2005.
A domestic nuclear site was attacked by missile strike of unidentified plane and exploded.
Furthermore, a facilities of another nuclear power plant and a secret research institute were blown up.
In 2006, a large explosion took place in a underground facility in which many Iranian scientists, engineers and directors of the nuclear plan gathered for test operation of centrifuges.

In 2010, Dagan produced the last great result.
The half of all centrifuges for the uranium enrichment in Iran became unusable.
It was because that the computers of the centrifuges became uncontrollable due to a computer virus invading.

During this time, various subversive activities were carried out.
They captured a uranium ore carrier, sold the centrifuges that break down in using, displaced many people of Iran’s nuclear development by disclosure, corruption, disappearance, exile, or assassination, and caused a crash of nuclear sites, then blasted it.
American CIA and British MI6 supported the Mossad being the practice corps, and the Iran’s antigovernment force joined, too.
Naturally, the top of the U.S. and British would agree it.







< 4. Insanity is opposed to each other >
< 4. 対立する狂気 >


What do the assassination and subversive activities mean?
Do you praise it as the outstanding job that prevented the possession of the nuclear weapon?
Or, do you consider it as a terrorism by a fanaticism nation or an attack without the declaration of war?

Israel continues to use any relentless non-humanitarian means for own national interest.
The assassination and subversive activities to be carried out backstage have surely scattered hatred and tinderbox in the Middle East, and they hide a true cause to a person outside of the Middle East.
Thus, Palestine and the Arab that became weakened and lacked a leader are driven in at the deep end more and more, and become getting ignored by the world.

In October, 2005, Iranian president Ahmadinejad said “Israel must erase from our map”.
Then, Europe and America and Israel thought it as a collateral evidence of the nuclear weapon development of Iran, but I think it was due to a big anger against the maneuver secretly of the Mossad.
Furthermore, there is a rumor that I S I L (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)is a tool of Mossad.
I accept the rumor with consideration for who its opponent is and the presence of founder.

This continues to the next time.




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