Bring peace to the Middle East! 27: about terrorism 7 : Love and hate of Mossad

中東に平和を! 27: テロについて 7: モサドの恩讐



< 1. The bombing incident of a Hotel >
< 1. ホテル爆破事件 >

Why does the Israeli Mossad perform severe terrorism?
We can understand the weight of history and the sadness of the Middle East from the background.



Two hawkish persons
The severe terrorism by Israel has two backgrounds, and it is divided between before and after the founding of Israel in 1948.

For example, a career of Dagan ( the director of Mossad) that I introduced the last time shows it.

He was born in Ukraine in 1945, but his families were almost killed by genocide of Jews ( pogrom and Holocaust) that swept across Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in those days.
He came over to Israel at last in 1950.

However, Middle East war that had already begun, so this area became a place of the battle with Palestine.
He as a soldier achieved distinction on anti-terrorism operation in Gaza Strip and Lebanon, and he as a guerrilla soldier was feared as “an emperor in the world of darkness”.

In this way, he was indispensable for Israel.









< 2. Former prime minister of Israel Begin >
< 2. ベギン元首相 >

The Begin of a hawkish person (holding office 1977-1983) has a similar shadow.

He was born in Belarus ( at that time, a Poland territory) in 1913, but the family was murdered by Nazi.
He participated in Israeli terror organization Irgun in 1942 and became a leader afterwards.

This organization bombed a military headquarters (Jerusalem) of the U.K. that got the evidence of military struggle of Jewish Agency (annotation 1), and caused a catastrophe (annotation 2) in which 91 people were killed .
Because of this, the U.K. came to be cautious about the mediation for Palestine and left this area.

In 1977, he rallied small opposition parties and formed Likud Party, became the first prime minister of the right wing, and adopted a hard-line policy (territory expansion and respecting of Judaism) that formed subsequent Israel.
It shifted away from the reconciliation and coexistence with Palestine that Labor Party of previous ruling party advocated.

After the Fourth Middle East war, in 1979, he concluded a peace treaty with Egypt by a mediation of the U.S., and won Nobel Peace Prize

He showed his real ability as hawkish position afterwards.
In 1981, the Israeli air force bombed Iraqi nuclear sites suddenly, and he made a statement, “I never permit weapons of mass destruction development”.
The United Nations Security Council criticized it with one accord, but the Israeli people strongly supported it.

In the next year, the Israeli military invaded and attacked in Lebanon, and Lebanese Civil War intensified.
The Palestinian refugee slaughter (annotation 3) occurred by Lebanese militia that the Israeli military supported, and several thousand people were slaughtered in two days.
In the next year, he was criticized by people on the invasion and slaughter, and resigned.











< 3. Palestinian refugee slaughter (annotation 3) >
< 3. パレスチナ難民虐殺事件(注釈3)>


What happened in the Middle East?
In early phase of the founding of Israel, the people supported an reconciliation with Palestine (the Labor Party), but became supporting the hawkish position (the Likud Party) before long.
It was associated with a tragedy which happened in the Middle East.

As an example, I introduce a rescue operation of the Mossad.
In a night of 1971, an Israeli naval missile boat went on sea of Syria through the Mediterranean Sea raged by bad weather, and anchored off a shore.
Three Mossad agents transferred from the missile boat to a rubber boat, then swam till the beach, changed clothes, and left for Damascus.

They put some Jewish young women and boys in a light truck attaching a canvas top, and left for same beach taking advantage of darkness of the night.
When they arrived it, sent a signal by a flashlight, then a rubber boat came to pick them up, and everybody was able to flee into Israel safely.

The rescue operation of a Jew from Syria was performed approximately 20 times in 3 years from 1970, and approximately 120 people became the Israeli person.

If the agents were caught locally, a torture and ghastly death waited for them.
It was performed in the strict confidence because it might endanger the family that stayed in Syria if their escape was known.








< 4.  Former prime minister Meir ordered the rescue operation >
< 4. この救出作戦を命じたメイア首相 >


< 5. Jewish refuge from the Arab countries >
< 5.アラブ諸国からのユダヤ難民 >


What made Israel more extreme?
From the old days, Jew took a role in foreign trade etc. in the Arab world, and had lived a life peacefully.
However, after the founding of Israel, the persecution against a Jew was strengthened in the neighboring Arabic countries, and the Jews who ran away to Israel appeared one after another.

These people (Mizrahim) were treated in a low rank in comparison with people ( Ashkenazim) that emigrated from Europe, and had gotten disgusted with the Israeli government.
The Begin, prime minister of Israel, severely criticized the ruling party on a mistake of the Middle East war, gained the Mizrahim to his side, and could take the political power.

Thus, Hatred and discrimination produce further hatred and discrimination, and the chasm between the both is deepened more and more.

This continues the next time.




注釈1 : 1929年に創設されたエルサレムに本部をもつユダヤ人の国際的機関。パレスチナにユダヤ人の本拠を設けるというシオニストの計画の対外機関として,資金集め,パレスチナへのユダヤ移民の監督,イギリスとの交渉にあたり,国際連盟ではユダヤ人の利害を代弁した。

注釈2 : 1946年、キング・デイヴィッド・ホテル爆破事件。

注釈3 : サブラー・シャティーラ事件。

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