Bring peace to the Middle East! 30: about terrorism 10 : fight of believer

中東に平和を! 30: テロについて 10: 信者の戦い



< 1. Japanese-Russo War >
< 1.日露戦争 >

We can understand “God and heaven” that a suicide bomber of the Middle East wrote, by knowing how believers confronted own massacre.



2 ドロヘダ攻城戦
< 2. Siege of Drogheda >
< 2.ドロヘダ攻城戦 >

Certain Christian
“I believe firmly that this is a righteous judgement of God on these barbarous wretches, who had imbrued their hands with so much innocent blood.”

This is a sentence of the report at when British Cromwell (1599-1658) suppressed rebel armies in Ireland. (Siege of Drogheda in 1649)
At this time, the citizens and monks in the city were almost slaughtered as well as combatants.
He justifies own act as Protestant provided justice to Catholic.

The example of such a justification is also seen in the Crusades.
This increased participants in the Crusade, and on the other hand, it caused plunder and massacre to increase.







< 3. armed priest >
< 3. 僧兵 >

Certain Buddhists
At previous night of all-out attack of the Russo-Japanese War (1904), a Japanese army Buddhist priest told to believers.
“This war doesn’t contradict Sessho-kai (a Buddhist precept of the prohibition of killing living things.), and rather this is a battle for peace.”
And soldiers of the believer charged ahead with saying “Namuamidabutsu (Buddha in paradise)” all together.

In the Russo-Japanese War, this denomination (Jodo Shinshu sect of Buddhism) thought a national feeling of unity is necessary, and encouraged the believers to accepts military service.
Since a long time ago, the believers of the denomination performed against samurai groups fierce fights with weapon of farming implements on several occasions, and they kept self-government.







< 4. the yellow turban rebellion >
< 4.黄巾の乱 >

Originally, the Buddhism had a prohibition of indiscriminately killing living things and a non-war.
But Japanese large temples had employed armed priests since a long time ago.
The Buddhist fought in Korean Peninsula, China, and Southeast Asia.
In Goguryeo (kingdom of Korea), armed priests in the Korean Peninsula had fought against a great number of invaders of China and nomads with a weapon for defending own country.
In China, a certain school of Taoism caused the yellow turban rebellion, and the Three Kingdoms period began(184 – ).
Next a certain school of Buddhism caused a rebellion, and it led the birth of the Ming (1368 – ).
In China, a large group of farmers that were led by religious organizations caused many revolutions many times.



< 5. Crusade >
< 5. 十字軍 >

Fight of believer
Looking around the world, it may be said that there was not the religion that did not ever fight.
The enemy was a pagan (sect), devil, unbeliever, in addition an invader and plunderer.
Many widely accepted religion universally has Love and mercy in the doctrine, and infrequently includes the abstinence from taking life.

Why do these believers perform fierce fights in violation of the fundamental creed?
At many fact pattern, religious organizations greatly had influenced it.
It may be said there was a result that the sense of unity and infallibility of the religion was raised by the organizations.

It isn’t a problem usually, but when our society begins to become confused and corrupt, it will bring a bad habit.




Is there a thing you can understand?
The Palestinian suicide bomber wrote about “God and heaven” in his farewell note.
Because he can go to heaven, did he practice the terror?

As those facts of the world show, first there were necessity for the fight, and the people alleviated a conflict of own death and murder with resorting to God and Buddha.

In world history, many religious organizations have permitted fighting, but Jesus and Buddha will grieve at this.
Probably, I think that Mohammed points out the mistake if he see the present confusion of the Middle East, too.

It isn’t limited to Islam that suicide bombers talk about “God and heaven”.
It is only one of the light and shade that religion brings.


This continues the next time.





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