Bring peace to the Middle East! 34: chain of retaliation 4 : Israel and Palestinian 1

中東に平和を! 34: 報復の連鎖 4 : イスラエルとパレスチナ 1



I look back on the endless wars of between Israel and Palestinian from now on.


When I see the Middle East conflict, I am surprised there are the composition of many conflicts and these are very complex.
For example, focusing on only large things, there are sectarian struggles, interstate confrontations, and ethnic conflicts.
And then, there are many more conflicts among extremists, between government and anti-government, between the United States and Russia (the Soviet Union), and the West and the Middle East.





Looking at only sectarian struggles, there are main conflicts among Islam, Jewish religion, and Maronite Church of Christianity (Lebanon).
And then, there are in Islam the conflicts among Sunni, Shiah (Iran, Syria), Alawites (the hierarchy of Syria), Wahhabi (Saudi Arabia).
Furthermore, in the USA, evangelical Christian (Republican Party support) and Judaist (Democratic Party support) support Israel and it makes the struggle deep.
Judaist, Christian and Muslim that have worshiped a same God continue being opposed to each other more than 1,000 years.


Looking at only interstate confrontations in the Arab of the Middle East, various conflicts have taken place among autocratic state (military affairs, kingship), Islamic state (Iran, Saudi Arabia), secular nation (socialism, Arab nationalism), non-Arab country (Turkey, Iran), and oil country.
This interstate confrontation stems from racial or borderline problems that resulted from having been a colony, an opposition that resulted from the Cold War, and securing the oil.
For example, nation of absolute monarchy (Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf countries) which is a rich oil-producing country tries to smash the democratization of the surrounding nations for maintaining own autocracy system, and it is intensified by the financial power, armaments, and a supporting of European and American.








All these opposition didn’t begin as one.
For example, I look at an engagement of the United States.
The United States spent total cost 300 trillion yen on the Iraqi War (2003 – 2011), and Iraq fell into a state of confusion.
Before it, the United States defeated the Iraq in the Gulf War (1991), but had given military assistance to the Iraq to defeat Iran during the Iran-Iraq war (1980 – 1988).
Besides, the United States began assistance to Israel in the middle of the Middle East war (1948 – 1973) between Palestine and Israel.
However, the United States hardly interfered in the Middle East until the early 20th century.


The reason the United States began to interfere to the Middle East was for warning against the Soviet Union, and securing of oil, and then supported Israel afterwards.
To support Israel is due to election circumstances in the United States, and Israel becomes a bridgehead in the Middle East.


In the composition of such opposition that connected with each other complicatedly, it is not easy to find fundamentally cause of these conflicts and the solution.

However, there is one clear thing.
It is said that the incidents that set off a train of these wars happened from the mid-20th century, and the tinderbox spread sequentially afterwards.
It is important to know the background and groundwork that cause conflict easily in the Middle East, but it is also important to know the extended process of the conflict.












We try to see a process of the Middle East war between Israel and Palestine which became the greatest cause in a beginning of the Middle East conflict from now on.


We look back at the history of the Middle East war in reverse, and we want to find “which began the war?”
Later, we will know what this means.


This continues the next tome.





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