Bring peace to the Middle East! 36: I beg a favor of you.

中東に平和を! 36: お願いがあります




I ask a favor of many people around the world.
Please tell me your opinion about peace of the Middle East.



One thing I ask you to
I began this serialization ”Bring peace to the Middle East!” on this March, and a half year passed since it.
I knew how the present conditions and the history of the Middle East are miserable, but haven’t hopes for peace yet.

Under the circumstances, I think that the Middle East escapes from the quagmire is impossible.

An important matter I think now is “ problems of your side, or points that your side should make a compromise”.
Because the problems of your enemy is already known.
Furthermore, in history of conflict around the world, mutual understanding is indispensable to get peace without unilateral complete defeat.

Therefore I want to know how a Muslim and a Jew living in the Middle East have understood this problems.





Please write your thought about the following questions about “conflict and peace of the Middle East”.
you answer any one of the questions.
It is also good to be written by person except the Middle East or to write about the topic except these questions.

Question A: What of your side (country, denomination, race, principles) is an obstacle to the peace?

Question B: What should your side improve to approach peace?

Question C: What of your side causes a quagmire of the conflict ?

Question D:  What do you want to the rest of the world except the Middle East?


質問A: あなたの側(国、宗派、民族、主義)の何が平和の障害になっているか?

質問B: あなたの側の何が改善されれば、平和に近づくのでしょうか?

質問C: あなたの側の何が紛争を泥沼化させているのか?

質問D: 中東以外の世界に望むことは何でしょうか?

About description
Less than 500 characters, please.
Please write your country, sex, and age if possible.



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Thanks in advance.

This serialization still continues.


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9 thoughts on “Bring peace to the Middle East! 36: I beg a favor of you.

  1. Dear Sir,

    Greetings from New Delhi, India, I am Bhuwan (Male, 44, a Hindu by birth; respectful towards all religions of the world) writing to you after a long time.

    Peace does not come by requesting or asking for favour from others. Lasting peace comes only when those who are fighting and spreading violence realise the futility of their actions or reactions.

    It is wise to learn from the history, which has been a key topic of your blog post. I do not need to recount the whole story of King Ashoka who lived a violent life till the time it peaked and he was able to see his own foolishness in the blood of innocent people who were killed on his command. The war of Kalinga changed him but not before his hunger for power led to killing of thousands of people including his own brothers.

    It is very much relevant/ applicable to the current violent global scenario as well. Terrorism has been on rise. Not just in Middle East, but around the world. Fortunately Japan and few other countries around the world are so far not touched by this fire & storm.

    We humans are not much different from the wild animals which roam on this planet. The only thing that differentiate us is consciousness, this ability to look within ourselves, ask questions, seek answers from ourselves.

    I apologies in advance for hurting the feelings of anyone who may not agree with my point of view. But in this middle eastern conflict I find the state of Israel/ Jews mostly reacting to the violence and hatred with which they are attacked by the Islamic fundamentalist who are in majority in Middle East. I may be biased by the relentless violent attacks on India by Islamic forces from outside – middle east and beyond, starting in early 7th century and continuing even today when Islamic terrorist trained by our neighbouring country Pakistan keep spilling innocent blood at regular intervals.

    The world has had enough of this stupid blood bath. I am only worried about the timing when these Islamic fundamentalist will realise that enough is enough.

    There can not be peace until & unless Islamic fundamentalist understand that they need to live peacefully along with followers of other religious beliefs/ faiths and let everyone follow whichever God, religion, faith that they prefer. Or even allow those who may not believe in any kind of God or religion. It is perfectly alright for each one of us to follow the path that we prefer, without hurting or threatening others around us. I will have no issues if my children decide to follow some other faith or decide not to follow any faith at all. Can we get the Islamic fundamentalist to say the same? I guess not, we could get killed for saying such a thing in a Islamic country.

    Even though I consider myself as an optimist, I do not see a complete peaceful co-existence in middle east till such a time that Muslims start considering Jews as their brother and not just stop killing them but also stop even thinking of killing anyone just because of their faith.

    Warm Regard,


    • Longtime no see. Thank you for commenting about my article.
      The story of the king Asoka has a little some help.

      However, I cannot wait for him to realize emptiness of the war.
      I think that it is the most important that we keep peace.
      I am looking for the method to maintain peace.
      What is important to not begin war ?
      How can we stop every wars?
      I wist to know it.

      At least, I think that it is important that world people understand each other.
      Thank you for the precious opinion.

      • Dear Sir,

        A simple (also cruel) answer is that we can not stop all wars.

        I would like to submit to you to look at the war not as a complete process in itself but rather as a part of conflict resolution process ( undoubtably violent and disgusting). War does not end any conflict, but it makes the two parties (or rather put heavy penalties on them) to see the futility of the violent attempts to resolve the conflicts.

        My many years of introspection & reading of history (mostly focussed on India) tells me that it is not possible to avoid wars if we are not able to establish strict rules/ norms i the society to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

        A conflict can happen between two people (friends, even family members) which has the potential to become bigger and reach the stage where it becomes violent (physically or emotionally). In the societies where there are strong traditions/ norms for resolving the conflicts, it is possible to avoid festering of conflict to such a level where they become all out war.

        Today, you have this repulsive feeling towards war/ terrorism in a society like yourself (Japan) because the memories/ learnings/ pain of destruction from IInd world war are still fresh. In Middle East (mostly Islamic countries) you have society that may not share your feelings as yet – there are group of people/ societies which benefitted from wars/ violent conflicts. They have nothing to lose, but everything to gain from continuation of such conflicts. So the war will continue unless the realization comes over all these people that war is bad for them also. When they realize that they are not winning this war, they are not gaining anything from this war.

        How do you get this message across to a group of people who believe in a violent ideology – where it is considered honorable to kill other and even more honourable even if one gets himself/ herself killed during the process of killing others.

        It is very tough.

        Sorry for sounding a little pessimist on this front, but I really do not see complete peace coming to middle east (or rather the whole world) before a extremely violent war which either wipes out the violent ideologies or gets this message across to the followers of such ideologies that violent is bad for them.

        Jews have felt them pain, the people of Israel know it very well, but they are being forcefully kept into this violnet situation into it and can not get out of it on their own. It is a question of survival for them.

        I interact with the young people from Israel who visit India, just to get away from the conflict/ war and feel a little bit peace – they are willing to live in hard (non-luxury) condition, just for the sake of living in peace, even if it is for a short period of time.

        All followers of one ideology can not be clubbed into a single bracket – even Hindus/ Buddhist could be violent and war mongring type – if majority of people following a particular belief system start felling that they are immune to violence, then there is no hope for peaceful resolution of conflict with such people. Currently a majority (or rather dominating set) of followers of a particular faith are not understanding the pain of violence, hence it is difficult to resolve conflicts with them peacefully.

        Warm Regards,


    • To Bhuwan Chand

      Thank you for a detailed commentary.
      Because I am hopeless at English, please try to forgive me..
      Unfortunately, I do not like philosophical debates.
      If I say simply, I propose to think about the method to reduce conflict together
      I cannot discuss about all war does not disappear or does.

      Because I was an engineer, for managing trouble, I found the problems and carried out the solutions.
      It is similar about conflict in the world.
      The human race has aimed at the reduction of the conflict and has invented religion and the law in several thousand years
      Japan reduced the number of traffic accident to half the number of the past years, considerably reduced the death rate of murder by firearm and the death rate of children born.
      Every technique was available for the realization.
      In addition, a study of ” Conflict Resolution” advances in the world.

      I do not deny ideology and religion, and think it is necessary.
      However, if at all possible, I want to promote it scientifically.

      I ask for your kind understanding.





      • Dear sir,

        You are doing a great service to humanity.

        Thank you and all the best. I will keep following you and reading your thoughts.

        Warm regards,


      • Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


    Peace be unto u my friend!
    Thanks for the topic!
    I am from Egypt .
    I am a moslem.
    The reason for war in the middle east is the lack of freedom and the people also can not practise freedom.
    Here most of the people do not accept the different point of views of each other.
    Also our leaders (presidents of countries)do not want anything exept being on their chairs.
    They can kill their people and destroy their countries for that chair.
    Not all of them are acting in this way but most of them.

    • To SOHEIR

      Thank you for a precious opinion.

      you said that the biggest problem is the lack of freedom, the lack of generosity, and the corruption of high government official.
      I understood it well.
      These three must have ever been in your Islamic nations.
      However, sometime, it must have disappeared.

      Please give me your advice from now on.
      I want to know the Middle East more.




      • SOHEIR

        Islam is perfect but we are not!!
        Not all people follow the rules of islam for sorry .
        Thanks !!!

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