Bring peace to the Middle East! 39: chain of retaliation 7 : the Middle East war

中東に平和を! 39: 報復の連鎖 7 : 中東戦争


< 1. Palestinian refugees in Syria in 1848 >
< 1.シリアのパレスチナ難民、1848年 >


A background of the intifada in the previous description was Palestinian complaint that was due to that their territory had been reduced and ruled over by little and little.
I look back on the four Middle East wars that determined adverse circumstances of Palestine today.





< 1. The Middle East war >
< 2. 中東戦争 >


A: The Israel forces of the first Middle East war.
B: The Egyptian forces of the second Middle East war.
C: The Israeli air forces of the third Middle East war.
D: The Syrian forces of the fourth Middle East war.


A: 第1次中東戦争のイスラエル軍。
B: 第2次中東戦争のエジプト軍。
C: 第3次中東戦争のイスラエル空軍。
D: 第4次中東戦争のシリア軍。

Summary of the Middle East war
*the first Middle East war, from May, 1948 to March, 1949.
After the British Mandate of Palestine, the Jew declared Nation-building of Israel, but the Arabic countries went to war against them.
The military forces of the Arabic countries was defeated, and they ceased fire by the good offices of the United Nations, but many Palestinians (Arab) became refugees and were robbed of their land.


*the second Middle East war, from October, 1956 to March, 1957.
After the Egyptian Revolution overturned an imperial rule, President Nasser declared the nationalization of the Suez Canal.
The U.K. was indignant at this, and confederated with France and Israel.
Then, Israel first invaded and attacked on Sinai Peninsula, and subsequently Britain and France attacked Egypt.
However, the United States announced the immediate withdrawal against this, and led the cease-fire through the United Nations.
By this, Egypt obtained the Suez Canal, and Nasser that alone fought with the three countries was praised as the leader of Arab.


*the third Middle East war, from 5 to10 on June, 1967.
The military collisions of Palestine guerrilla and Israel occurred in a row, and tension had escalated in the region.
When Nasser heard that an offensive of Israel would be performed soon, he blockaded a
strait and put Egyptian forces on alert.
And Israel forces started the attack, and Egypt and the Arabic countries defended, but lost big.
By this, Gaza, Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights of Syria , the West Bank were occupied, and Palestinian refugees increased more.








< 3. The result of the third Middle East war >
< 3. 第3次中東戦争の結果 >

*the fourth Middle East war, from 6 to 24 on October, 1973.
This time, Egypt (President Sadat) in partnership with Syria made a surprise attack on Israel from both sides.
At the beginning of the war, Egypt and Syria was ascendant, but the Israel forces recovered in the latter half and ceased fire with advantage.
Arabic oil-producing countries united and decided that they perform an oil embargo until Israel withdraws, for applying pressure on the Israel support countries (the first oil crisis).


In 1979, Egypt-Israel peace treaty was concluded, and Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt.
After this, the full-scale war with Israel and the Arabic countries became a thing of the past.







< 4. A change of Israeli territory >
< 4. イスラエルの領土の推移 >


A red frame shows a change between the partition plan of the United Nations and after the third Middle East war.


What did the Middle East war bring?
The Arabic countries began this war, but they repeated defeat, and left out of the war last.
When it is over, Israel increased territories, Palestinian was shut in Gaza and the West Bank, their freedom was robbed, and colonization was strengthened afterwards.


In 1947, before the outbreak of the war, there were Jew 630,000 and Palestinian 1,310,000 in area of British Mandate of Palestine.
But in 1973 of the end of the war, it became Jew 630,000 and Palestinian 1,310,000 in reverse.
And the Jewish territory became 78% of the whole area.
Meanwhile, more than 700000 Palestinians lost houses, and now the refugees that became a total of 5,600,000 are forced to live hand-to-mouth in the autonomous areas of the Palestinians and neighbor countries.
Due to Israeli invasion in Lebanon in addition to it, the Palestinian government (PLO) weakened, and the radicals became widespread.




What made the difference between winning and losing?
At the time of the outbreak of the first Middle East war, the Arabic side was superior as the size of the forces, but, they were just a jumble of militias.
On the other hand, Israel was desperate and bought many weapons abroad while a truces performed by the United Nations.
And they unified chains of command and was able to counterattack.


The armaments of Israel were clearly superior to the Arabic side after the second Middle East war.
This is due to economic force of Israel and Jews around the world.
But that’s not all, Israel thoroughly had been supported by Britain and France that had an interest in the Middle East, and the United States during the Cold War.
There may not have been present Israel even though the weapon supply of the U.S. is delayed for a couple of days.
The Soviet Union also supported Egypt and other Arabic countries, but there was a limit, and the Arabic countries were impoverished economically.


After the fourth Middle East war, the Arabic countries have opposed to each other, and it was triggered by the Iranian Revolution, petroleum, and some wars caused by the United States.
And they became to avoid the Palestine refugees than helping them.






When I look at process of the Middle East war, I noticed Israel was very superior in the strategy, leadership and an intelligence-gathering operation.
I am amazed Jew, people without a country for 2000 years, established the nation-building at a dash.

However, on the other hand, I am surprised they are cold-blooded and use an insidious way.
I imagine the end of the North American Indian to Palestinian people.


This continues the next time.





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